How Do I Report A Stolen Car Nz?

If you have information regarding the whereabouts of a stolen car, always consider your personal safety as well as the protection of others. Please do not chase a car that you suspect of being stolen. If the car is still being driven, or if you feel the driver or the vehicle’s passengers are still nearby, dial 111 and ask for the police to assist you immediately.

What happens if your car is stolen NZ?

Inform the authorities if your vehicle has been taken. When they arrive, they’ll want to know the vehicle’s make, model, registration number, where you last saw it and whether or not it was locked or alarm-equipped. They’ll provide you with a file number that you may use to submit your claim. After that, you may file a claim online or phone us at 0800 500 216 to submit your claim.

What should I do when my car is stolen?

What should I do if my vehicle is stolen?

  1. Check with the guards.
  2. Track your automobile using GPS tracking.
  3. Contact your insurance provider through email or telephone.
  4. Home security.
  5. Phone security.
  6. Preventing automobile theft is a priority.
  7. Buying an automobile and making sure it hasn’t been stolen

How do I check if a car is stolen NZ?

People may find out whether any vehicle, including automobiles, motorbikes, caravans, and trailers, has been stolen by entering the vehicle’s registration number, vehicle identification number (VIN), engine number, or chassis number.If the car has been reported stolen, the search will return the make, model, color, and date the vehicle was reported stolen, among other information.The information on this page will be updated three times every day.

How do I find out who owns a car in NZ?

It’s easy and free.

  1. If possible, ask for the property owner’s complete legal name and/or driver’s license number.
  2. Owner Check may be found at
  3. When you submit your information, you’ll be able to check if it matches the information in the registered person’s record on the register.
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How do I file a police report NZ?

It is possible to report an incident online at or by calling the number 0800 105 105 if you are unable to reach the police on your landline or mobile. If you wish to report a crime, dial 105 if any of the following applies:

  1. There are no injuries or threats to anyone’s safety.
  2. There is no significant danger to individuals or property.
  3. The crime has not continued to take place

Can you track a stolen car with Bluetooth?

When using a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, it is undoubtedly possible and relatively practical to track down your vehicle. However, there are several drawbacks to utilizing these devices, such as limited network coverage, which must be considered. These concerns are the primary reasons why most people choose specially developed GPS systems and position tracking gadgets.

How long does it take for insurance to pay out for stolen car?

I’m pleased to inform you that you should get payment within a month; but, automobile insurance companies may take up to 30 days to reimburse you for a stolen vehicle. It is believed that many auto insurance firms are delaying payouts until the car has been recovered by police. Once all, it is much easier for everyone if the police are able to locate your vehicle after it has been stolen.

What percentage of stolen cars are recovered?

The percentage of stolen automobiles that are recovered is unknown. According to the most current data available, the national stolen automobile recovery rate for vehicles that were taken locally is 59.1 percent in 2017. Compared to the total recovery percentage for all stolen items in the United States, which is 29.2 percent, this is a significant improvement.

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Whats the most stolen car in NZ?

In terms of individual models, according to NZ Police statistics, the Mazda Demio, Nissan Tiida, Mazda Atenza, Subaru Legacy, and Subaru Impreza were the most often stolen cars in Auckland between the first of July 2020 and the last of June 2021.

How do I change ownership of a car online NZ?

You’ll need:

  1. The following documents: your New Zealand driver’s license (if you do not have a NZ driver’s license, you will be required to visit one of our agents to complete this transaction)
  2. The license plate number of the car
  3. A Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card, as well as your online banking login information (POLi). The price is $9.00 (incl. GST) per person.

Where is my VIN number NZ?

How to locate the Car Identification Number (VIN) on your vehicle

  1. During the manufacturing process, a stamp is pressed into the vehicle’s construction (usually the firewall).
  2. Stamping on a metal plate that is then bolted to the vehicle’s body
  3. The vehicle’s back glass has been etched with a message.

How do I find out who owns a car by the number plate?

With an SMS, you may find out the registration number of a vehicle.

  1. Fill up the blanks with the registration number of the VAHAN vehicle.
  2. Send it to the following number: 7738299899

How can I find a car owner by registration number?

If you wish to find out who the registered owner of a vehicle is, you may use the online Confirm Registered Person service on the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) website to confirm that person. This is a check of the Motor Vehicle Register, which is controlled by the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA).

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How many cars are on my name?

How can you find out if a car is registered in your name? Please send a text message to 8147 with your CNIC number (without dashes) in the subject line. The data of the cars registered in your name will be shared in the response letter.

What are the most commonly stolen cars in New Zealand?

The Torneo is one of the most popular automobiles in New Zealand, and it has consistently been at the top of this list. 2. Mazda Familia The Mazda Familia is another another vehicle that regularly appears on lists of the top ten most frequently stolen automobiles.

How do I report a crime in New Zealand?

Make contact with the police department in your area. Crimestoppers is a non-profit organization that assists New Zealanders in preventing criminal activity. It is a secure, autonomous, and straightforward method of disseminating information. Reporting traffic accidents using a cell phone when they are urgent but not life-threatening.

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