FAQ: How to make a playlist on spotify that others can add to?

Mobile device

  1. Open the latest version of the Spotify mobile app.
  2. Tap Your Library.
  3. Tap Playlists and select a playlist you created.
  4. Tap the add User button.
  5. Tap Make Collaborative.
  6. Share the playlist with your friends on Spotify.


How do you open a playlist?

  • How to open your playlist in a new iTunes window. 1) Launch iTunes on your Mac. 2) Choose Music from the menu near the upper-left corner, then click the Library tab. 3) In the lefthand column, right-click or Control (⌃)-click your playlist underneath the All Playlists heading, then select the option Open In New Window from the popup menu.

Can anyone add to a collaborative playlist?

You can make any of your Spotify playlists collaborative, simply by letting your friends add, remove, and reorder tracks. And, thanks to a new update to the feature, you can even see everyone who is contributing to the playlist via their user avatars in the playlist header.

Can anyone add songs to a collaborative playlist on Spotify?

To invite new users to add their own songs, right-click on the playlist one more time, and open up the share prompt by clicking the “Share” option. After it’s been shared, anyone with access will now have the option to add, delete, or modify the order of any songs contained within that specific playlist!

How do I let other people add to my playlist?

Collaborate on playlists

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. From the left Menu, select Playlists.
  3. Next to the playlist you want to add collaborators to, click Edit.
  4. Below the playlist’s title, click More.
  5. Click Collaborate.
  6. Click the slider next to “Collaborators can add videos to this playlist“.
  7. Turn on “Allow new collaborators”.
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Can you make a secret collaborative playlist on Spotify?

Keep Your Audience Defined

This way only your friends with the private playlist link will be able to view the playlist and contribute to it. A playlist can be made private by right clicking the playlist title or using the ellipses button and selecting “Make Secret.”

How do I make a collaborative playlist?

Tap Your Library. Tap Playlists and select a playlist you created. Tap. Tap MAKE COLLABORATIVE.

  1. In the left panel, right-click a playlist.
  2. Select Collaborative Playlist.
  3. Share the playlist with your friends.

How do I make a collaborative playlist for one person?

How To Make a Collaborative Playlist

  1. On your phone or tablet, tap Your Library.
  2. Go to Playlists, and select the one you want to collaborate on (keep in mind you can only do this for playlists you’ve created)
  3. Tap the Add user button in the header to make the playlist collaborative.

How do you add a song to someone else’s Spotify playlist on iPhone?

You can find this button next to the song’s name. It will open your options menu. Tap Add to playlist on the menu. This will open a list of all your available playlists.

Can you share a playlist on Spotify free?

Spotify is one of a few streaming music services that offer a free, ad-supported subscription plan. And while there are built-in limitations on these free accounts, you can still create your own playlists and share them with others.

Can you listen to Spotify for free?

Visit the Spotify website and sign-up. Download and install the free Spotify application. There are versions for desktop and iPhone/iPad and Android phones. Sign into your account on those devices and get listening.

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Why won’t Apple music Let me share my playlist?

Go to settings>music and turn on the iCloud music library. That will enable you to share playlists directly from the Music App.

How do I share a playlist with a family member?

On desktop ctrl-click (Mac) or right-click (PC) on the playlist you want to share. Select ‘Copy Playlist Link’ and paste that into an email to the family member. When they open the link, they can then ‘follow’ that playlist.

Can multiple people use Spotify?

Yes, two people can listen to a Spotify account at the same time — here’s how to do it in 2 ways. Two people can listen to the same Spotify account at the same time if you use an Offline Mode workaround, but you’ll need to have a Spotify Premium subscription.

Can followers still see private playlists Spotify?

While Spotify is often used for sharing playlists with friends, there may be some playlists you want to keep private. This is easy to do with Spotify’s “Make Secret” option. Once you hide a Spotify playlist, your followers will no longer be able to view the playlist, and it won’t appear in any searches.

What does making a playlist Secret mean?

Users also can make their playlists secret, meaning that only the user can view the playlist – but this can only be done from the desktop app and after you’ve already made the playlist, which is public by default.

How do I share my Spotify playlist with a friend?

You can easily share a Spotify playlist with friends and family by clicking the “Share” option on the playlist page. You can share Spotify playlists via text message, email, or on social media, or simply copy the link to paste wherever you want.

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