How can epinephrine be administered?

Epinephrine injection comes as a prefilled automatic injection device containing a solution (liquid) and in vials to inject subcutaneously (under the skin) or intramuscularly (into the muscle). It is usually injected as needed at the first sign of a serious allergic reaction.

How does epinephrine help during anaphylaxis?

  • Adrenaline is naturally found in your body and it’s released when you’re stressed. But the added dose of epinephrine assists your body to calm your anaphylaxis by forcing your blood vessels to constrict. This halts your dropping blood pressure and allows your airways to relax so that you can breathe better.

Can epinephrine be given IV?

Epinephrine is safe for anaphylaxis when given at the correct dose by intramuscular injection. The majority of dosing errors and cardiovascular adverse reactions occur when epinephrine is given intravenously or incorrectly dosed.

What is the preferred site for IM administration of epinephrine?

We recommend intramuscular injection of epinephrine into the thigh as the preferred route and site of injection of this life-saving medication in the initial treatment of anaphylaxis.

Is epinephrine given IM or SUBQ?

Administer intramuscular (IM) epinephrine immediately. IM administration of epinephrine in the thigh (vastus lateralis) results in higher and more rapid maximum plasma concentrations of epinephrine than IM or subcutaneous (SC) administration in the arm (deltoid) of asymptomatic children and adults (see Medication).

How fast do you push IV epinephrine?

Guidelines recommend to “[a]dminister IV epinephrine if anaphylaxis appears to be severe with immediate life-threatening manifestations,” and starting a drip between 1-4 mcg/min. The guidelines also suggest an IV push-dose of epinephrine 0.1 mg of 1:10,000 over 5 minutes.

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How fast do you push epinephrine?

Dosing. Intravenous Push/IO: 1mg epinephrine IV is given every 3-5 minutes. IV infusion for bradycardia: 1mg epinephrine is mixed with 500ml of NS or D5W. The infusion should run at 2-10 micrograms/min (titrated to effect).

Where do you inject epinephrine?

Epinephrine is injected into the skin or muscle of your outer thigh. In an emergency, this injection can be given through your clothing. Epinephrine is sometimes given as an infusion into a vein. A healthcare provider will give you this type of injection.

Is intramuscular injection faster than intravenous?

This route of administration, like intramuscular injection, absorption and requires is somewhat slower than the IV route.

How much epinephrine do you inject for anaphylaxis?

Administer epinephrine 1:1,000 (weight-based) (adults: 0.01 mL per kg, up to a maximum of 0.2 to 0.5 mL every 10 to 15 minutes as needed; children: 0.01 mL per kg, up to a maximum dose of 0.2 to 0.5 mL) by SC or IM route and, if necessary, repeat every 15 minutes, up to two doses).

Why does an EpiPen have to be injected in the thigh?

As opposed to the upper arm, the thigh muscle is one of the body’s largest muscles with more blood supply, so it allows much faster absorption of the medication. The outer thigh, versus the front of the thigh, is recommended because it provides a skin area with thinner tissue and less fat.

How long does subcutaneous epinephrine last?

The plasma half-life is about 2- 3 minutes. However, when given by subcutaneous or intramuscular injection, local vasoconstriction may delay absorption so that the effects may last longer than the half-life suggests.

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Age Dose
Under 6 months 0.01mg/kg IM (0.01ml/kg 1:1000 solution)

Can epinephrine be given orally?

Epinephrine oral inhalation comes as an aerosol (liquid) to inhale by mouth. It is used as needed to control your asthma symptoms.

What happens when you inject epinephrine?

This medication is used in emergencies to treat very serious allergic reactions to insect stings/bites, foods, drugs, or other substances. Epinephrine acts quickly to improve breathing, stimulate the heart, raise a dropping blood pressure, reverse hives, and reduce swelling of the face, lips, and throat.

Can you inject epinephrine in the heart?

Adrenaline injections have been commonly used during CPR for cardiac arrest for more than 60 years, without clear evidence if it is helpful or harmful. Adrenaline can increase the likelihood that the heart will regain a normal rhythm as it directs blood flow to the heart.

When do you give epinephrine?

If you suspect you’re having a severe allergic reaction or are experiencing signs or symptoms of anaphylaxis, use the epinephrine injection, USP auto-injector, immediately. Epinephrine is the only first-line treatment for anaphylaxis. After an injection, seek emergency medical attention.

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