How Do I Maintain My Backyard Ice Rink?

Choose a location. The first step in constructing a backyard rink is to identify the ideal outside location for the rink.

How to Zamboni your backyard ice rink?

  1. – Couple Up — To conveniently connect and disconnect the Zamboni from the hose, a replaceable rubber coupling connector is used.
  2. – Keep your pipes safe by turning on and off the water at the outside valve as needed.
  3. When the outside hose is not in use, it is important to turn off the water to prevent pipes from freezing.
  4. – Storage — Keep all things stored indoors to prevent them from freezing.

How to build a backyard ice rink on unlevel ground?

  1. Prepare the foundation. It is critical to begin with a 1- to 2-inch layer of compacted snow to serve as a foundation for the ice surface. This layer will be used to: construct the border
  2. solidify the base
  3. flood the rink
  4. and maintain the rink.

How to build an incredible backyard rink?

  1. Snow should be used to level the foundation. You’ll need a base of an inch or two of tightly packed snow for this. You use the rake to level off the snow on the ground.
  2. Create a border around the area. You may construct the containment walls of your skating rink out of either timber or plywood.
  3. Increase the stability of the foundation. This is a rather simple task. It’s simply a matter of putting some water into the snow base
  4. flooding the region. Now comes the exciting part.

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