How Do I Sell Scrap Copper?

From concrete to scrap metal, everything is possible. Founder Kyle Altvater began his professional career as a concrete pourer with his brother, but when looking for a new business endeavor, his uncle introduced him to the world of recycling.

How do I recycle copper?

  1. Collect all of the pure copper pieces you can find.
  2. When it is feasible, remove the useless pieces of mixed materials from copper artifacts by cleaning them out and cutting them.
  3. Make a consistent group of copper breakage
  4. then, repeat the process.
  5. All of the copper alloys should be grouped together.

How to separate your copper scrap for recycling?

– Disconnect your copper pipes from one another. – When you have a large amount of copper wire, strip it. – Make use of your magnet! – Prepare your metals by separating them before you arrive. – Disconnect electric motors from their circuits. – Keep those technological devices apart. – Make sure your catalytic converters are in good working order.

How much is scrap copper worth?

  • Other current scrap rates that you may be interested in learning about are: Electric motors have a cost of between 14 and 17 cents every pound of energy consumed.
  • Copper transformers can cost between 5 and 50 cents per pound, depending on the manufacturer.
  • Mixed Copper Brass is available for purchase for up to $1.80 per pound.

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