Often asked: I lost my sprint phone how can i track it?

You can also try searching for your lost Sprint phone with a locator app. All iOS and Android models have built-in features that enable you to remotely activate and locate the device. The integrated Find My app allows users to track down their Apple devices.

Can Sprint locate a lost phone?

Yes. Android devices running Android 4.4 KitKat or newer can use Android Device Manager to help find a lost or stolen device.

What happens if you lose your Sprint phone?

If your device is lost or stolen, contact us immediately at 1-888-211-4727 to suspend your service. If you have Total Equipment Protection or if you are part of the Equipment Replacement Program, file a claim and check its status online at www.phoneclaim.com/sprint.

How do I track my Sprint phone with GPS?

Re: I lost my phone, the gps locator isn’t on how can I locate it?

  1. Visit sprint.com/mysprint.
  2. Enter your username and password to sign in.
  3. Scroll to the device that has been lost or stolen.
  4. Use the Manage this device dropdown next to your device and select Report lost or stolen device.
  5. Follow the instructions on screen.

Can I track my lost phone if it is switched off?

Yes, both iOS and Android phones can be tracked without a data connection. There are various mapping apps that have the ability to track the location of your phone even without the Internet connection. 3 дня назад

Will Sprint replace a lost phone?

Sprint’s next-day insurance replacement allows customers whose phone is lost, stolen, or not eligible for repair, simply file a claim to receive a replacement device the next day, in most cases. A deductible applies based on the tier of your device.

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Does my sprint insurance cover lost phone?

If your phone has been lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair, you’ll be able to replace it with Sprint Complete insurance for a flat fee. Keep in mind though that in many cases you’ll be shipped a refurbished device rather than a brand new one.

How much does it cost to replace a lost phone Sprint?

Estimated repair and replacement costs with Sprint Complete

Tier Cracked screen repair Phone replacement
Tier 3 (includes iPhone 6S, HTC 5G Hub, Samsung Galaxy S9) $29 $225
Tier 4 (includes Google Pixel 3XL, LG V30+, Samsung Galaxy Note10) $29 $275
Tier 5 (includes LG V50 ThinQ, Samsung Galaxy Note9, Samsung Galaxy S10+) $29 $275

How do I know when my Sprint phone is finished?

You can check My Sprint or your printed monthly bill to see if you have Total Equipment Protection (TEP), the Equipment Service & Repair Program (ESRP) or the Equipment Replacement Program (ERP). To check your plan add-ons list on My Sprint: Sign in to My Sprint with an account admin username and password.

How do you blacklist a phone?

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to block a phone number from your Android device.

Block from call history:

  1. Open your Phone app and navigate to the Call history tab.
  2. Tap on the recent call from whichever number you want to block.
  3. Press the More button in the top right corner and select Block number.

How can I track my Sprint phone for free?

In either case with a Sprint cell phone and their GPS service, you can find the location of anyone at anytime.

  1. Sign up to Sprint Mobile Locator through their website our by calling 1-800-777-4681.
  2. Once you’ve signed up for the service you will be assigned a user name and password.
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Does Sprint Family Locator work if location is off?

Family Locator will not work if your child has turned off their phone or the battery is lower than 20%. The Family Locator will not report accurately if it’s been closed. Enable High Accuracy Mode on some Androids. Disable the App Optimization mode on Android for OurPact.

How do I track a phone on my account?

Remotely find, lock, or erase

  1. Go to android.com/find and sign in to your Google Account. If you have more than one phone, click the lost phone at the top of the screen.
  2. The lost phone gets a notification.
  3. On the map, you’ll get info about where the phone is.
  4. Pick what you want to do.

Can you track a dead phone?

Use Lookout Mobile

Lookout Mobile‘ automatically records your android phone’s last known location just before the battery runs dead. Outside of retracing your steps, this app gives you the best chance of finding your lost device once the battery has died.

How do you locate a lost cell phone that is turned off using IMEI number?

Step 4: Input the IMEI number of your lost Android phone, check your input, and tap “Track“. A small window with a list of places will appear, indicating the location and the close proximity of your phone. Using the IMEI number to track the lost phone is not the only function of an IMEI tracker.

Can someone track my phone without me knowing?

The most dependable way to track a phone’s location without them knowing is by using a specialized tracking solution with a stealth feature. Not all tracking solutions have an in-built secret tracking mode. If you use the right solution, you will be able to track any Android or iOS device from your web browser.

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