What Are The Sub Types Of Actionresult?

  1. Subtypes of ActionResults MVC is a model-view-controller architecture. ViewResult – Renders a given view to the response stream
  2. this method is deprecated.
  3. ParameterizedPartialViewResult – This method renders a specified partial view to the response stream.
  4. Returning an empty answer is known as an EmptyResult.
  5. A redirection to a specified URL is performed using the RedirectResult method.

In MVC, there are several different types of action results. When an action method returns a webpage, the ViewResult (View) return type is used to return the webpage. When sending a portion of a view to be displayed in another view, this result type is used. PartialViewResult (PartialView) JsonResult is a kind of result (json) This return type is utilized when we receive an error.

How many types of ActionResult are there in MVC?

As you can see, there are three sorts of data types for ActionResult, Content Returning Results, and Content Returning Results. The Results of the Redirection.

What is ActionResult?

  1. What is an ActionResult, and how does it work?
  2. An ActionResult is a return type returned by a controller method, also known as an action method, and it serves as the base class for *Result classes.
  3. It is defined as follows: Action methods can be used to return models to views, file streams, redirect to other controllers, or whatever else is required for the task at hand.
  4. Action methods are defined as follows:

What is ActionResult return type in MVC?

In MVC, an ActionResult is a kind of return value returned by a controller operation. Returning models to views, file streams, and redirecting to a different controller’s Action method are all made possible via Action methods.

What is the difference between ViewResult and ActionResult?

ActionResult is an abstract class that serves as the foundation for the ViewResult class. The ActionResult class in the MVC framework is used to refer to the object returned by your action function in the MVC framework. It then calls the ExecuteResult function on it. In addition, ViewResult is a concrete implementation of this abstract type.

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What is the difference between ActionResult and JsonResult?

When you need to return raw JSON data that can be consumed by a client, JsonResult is the method to use (javascript on a web page or a mobile client). If you wish to return a view, a redirect, or anything else that can be handled by a browser, use ActionResult.

What is ActionResult abstract class or concrete class?

ActionResult is an abstract class that represents the outcome of a method that performs an action.

What is bundling and minification in MVC?

Bundling and minification are two distinct approaches for reducing the amount of time a page takes to load. The bundling of requests to the server decreases the number of requests sent to the server, while the minification of the requested assets minimizes the size of the requested assets.

What is ActionResult in Web API?

The HttpResponseMessage object returned by your Web API controller function may be used to store action results and return data. The ASP.Net Web API framework is a lightweight framework for developing stateless and RESTful HTTP services in ASP.Net. You may use Action Results in Web API to return data from the Web API controller functions, which is a convenient feature.

How many types of filters are there in MVC?

Filters are supported by the ASP.NET MVC framework in four different configurations: Authorization filters – The IAuthorizationFilter property is implemented by this class. Filters for actions — This class implements the IActionFilter property. The IResultFilter property is implemented by the result filters class.

How many types of results are there in MVC Mcq?

In MVC, there are 12 different categories of outcomes.

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What is ActionResult and type?

In ASP.NET MVC, an ActionResult is a type of return value returned by a controller method. It allows us to return models to views, return other values, and redirect to the action method of another controller. In MVC, there are a variety of derived ActionResult classes that we may use to return the outcome of a controller action to the viewing application.

When should I use IHttpActionResult?

If you wish to return a response that must be created through a complicated logic, such as a large number of response headers, you may abstract all of that logic into an action result class that implements IHttpActionResult and use it in numerous action methods to produce the answer you desire.

What is the difference between IHttpActionResult and HttpResponseMessage?

  1. One method, ExecuteAsync, is provided by IHttpActionResult and it is responsible for asynchronously creating an instance of the HttpResponseMessage class.
  2. If a controller action produces an IHttpActionResult, Web API invokes the ExecuteAsync function to generate a HttpResponseMessage for the controller action that returned the result.
  3. The HttpResponseMessage is then converted into an HTTP response message by the server.

What is ActionResult in ASP.NET MVC?

  1. An action result is the information returned by a controller action in response to a browser request.
  2. The ASP.NET MVC framework provides support for a variety of action outcomes, including the following: ViewResult – Represents HTML and markup in a single object.
  3. EmptyResult – This class represents the absence of any results.
  4. RedirectResult – A redirection to a new URL is represented by this object.

What is the difference between TempData ViewData and ViewBag in MVC?

For the purposes of summary, ViewBag and ViewData are used to transmit data from one Controller action to another View, while TempData is used to pass data from one Controller action to another or from one Controller to another Controller.

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Can you explain RenderBody and RenderPage in MVC?

  1. The RenderBody function specifies where view templates that are based on this master layout file should ″fill in″ the content of the body of the document.
  2. Layout pages can also include material that can be filled in by other pages on the disk in addition to the layout pages.
  3. This is accomplished through the use of the RenderPage method.
  4. This method accepts one or two arguments, depending on the case.

How do I return actionresult types from an action?

Instead, convenience methods in the ControllerBase class may be used to return ActionResult types when an action is performed on the controller. The command return BadRequest ();, for example, is a shorthand version of the command return new BadRequestResult ();.

What is the use of actionresult in ASP NET Core?

The ActionResult return type was added in ASP.NET Core 2.1 for actions performed by web API controllers. It gives you the option of returning a type that is derived from ActionResult or returning a specified type. When compared to the IActionResult type, ActionResult provides the following advantages: The Type property of an attribute can be eliminated from consideration.

When is the iactionresult return type appropriate?

When more than one ActionResult return type is feasible in a single action, the IActionResult return type is the most suitable. A number of different HTTP status codes are represented by the different ActionResult kinds. There are several common return types that fall into this category, including BadRequestResult (400), NotFoundResult (404), and OkObjectResult (400). (200).

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