What Is Fortnite Bonus Xp Event?

Players will be able to power level more quickly than normal this weekend, thanks to an XP Boost revealed by Epic Games earlier this week. An additional present of a pickaxe will be given to people who have been inconvenienced by recent service interruptions throughout the holiday season.

How to get extra XP in Fortnite season 4?

There has been another hidden mission/quest introduced in the latest Fortnite update (v14.10), and here’s how you can accomplish it to get additional XP.The v14.10 update, which was released earlier today, included the addition of two new secret missions/quests to the game, which were previously unavailable.Complete these objectives to get additional XP, which will aid you in your quest to complete the Season 4 Battle Pass.

What is the supercharged XP weekend in Fortnite?

As a result, we have this weekend’s ‘Supercharged XP’ event, which Fortnite announced on the spur of the moment last week.In return, you received a 4x experience bonus in the multiplayer, which stayed valid until you boosted through about four Battle Pass levels.Is it time for power-leveling weekend?

  1. Come in on Saturday and Sunday to gain access to Supercharged XP while it’s still available?

What is the event of the year in Fortnite?

One of the other secret quests is titled ‘The Event of the Year,’ and this page will explain how to finish it in order to gain more XP. This secret assignment is another one that is simple to perform; all you need to know is where to go and you will have finished the task.

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How do you get people to play Fortnite on weekends?

For those who haven’t made much progress on their Battle Pass so far, I can understand why a weekend-long XP event would be appealing – especially if they haven’t seen much progress on their Battle Pass so far. However, this strategy merely serves to decentivize participation for the remainder of the time and cater to those who are able to participate when the event is in progress.

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