How Much Do Servpro Employees Make?

What does a Servpro employee make on a monthly basis? It pays its employees an average of $14.40 per hour, according to Servpro Industries, Inc. Servpro Industries, Inc. pays its employees an hourly rate that runs from an average of $11.00 to $19.38.

How much does Servpro pay in the US?

  1. What does Servpro pay its employees in the United States?
  2. Estimator Coordinators earn roughly $25.92 per hour on average, while Floor Care Technicians earn approximately $11.94 on average, according to Servpro’s salary data.
  3. Digital Marketer salaries vary from roughly $19,403 per year to $66,703 per year for Construction Manager, with the average compensation being approximately $19,403 per year.

Can you work from home at Servpro?

  1. Over 2,649 present and former Servpro workers were asked in Indeed’s poll if they would be able to work from home if they were hired.
  2. No, replied 61 percent of those polled.
  3. When asked if they were happy with the work-from-home policy, 76 percent of respondents replied they were not satisfied.
  1. Servpro employees said that they did not get a reimbursement for expenses incurred when working from home.

How many employees are happy with work-life balance at Servpro?

  1. Indeed’s Work Happiness Survey polled over 715 current and past workers about their work experiences.
  2. Thirteen percent of those who responded strongly agreed that they had the flexibility they needed in terms of both time and place, while another 23 percent stated that they agreed with this statement.
  3. Learn more about Servpro’s approach to work-life balance.
  1. Is it possible to work from home at Servpro?
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What’s wrong with Servpro?

There is so much wrong with Servpro that I don’t even know where to begin! Management is very bad! Employees are churned through this company like socks through a machine. A small number of people stay for the long haul, primarily due to a lack of educational opportunities and the belief that the poor salary is actually something to be pleased about.

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