How Much Is A Viking Stove?

What is the price of a Viking stove?Viking ranges are divided into four categories: the 3 Series, the 5 Series, the 7 Series, and the Tuscany, with prices starting at $4,299, $4,279 (with a free dishwasher), $7,729 (with a free dishwasher), and $12,859 for the 3 Series, 5 Series, and Tuscany.The 48-inch Pro-Style Range, which is part of the Tuscany line, is one of the most well-known Viking ranges on the market.

Viking ranges are generally priced between $4,000 and $20,000 per unit.

How much are Viking appliances?

Viking 5 Series VGIC53014BSS 30″ Stainless Steel 4 Open Burner Pro-Style Gas Range with a Stainless Steel Door. 5 out of 5 stars for this product. There are just one product rating for the Viking 5 Series 30″ Stainless 4 Open Burner Pro-Style Gas Range VGIC53014BSS out of a possible five. $3,599.00.

Where to buy Viking stoves?

All of Viking’s main appliance goods are sold through 13 home appliance distributors that serve all 50 states as well as Canada, and these distributors in turn sell through Viking dealers who are authorized to sell in their respective regions.

Who sells Viking stoves?

Preparations for Jaime Laurita’s Middleby Residential showroom are already underway under the direction of the award-winning showroom designer, chef, and Middleby Residential Creative Director. Viking, La Cornue, AGA, Lynx, U-Line, Marvel, Evo, and Brava are just a few of the brands that will be on display.

How much is a Viking refrigerator?

What is the cost of a Viking refrigerator? In the range of $3,000 to $10,000, Viking refrigerators are available. The total cost of your refrigerator is determined by the size and design of your refrigerator.

What types of appliances are made by Viking?

Whirlpool has lately introduced a new trendy finish known as ‘white ice.’ Refrigerators from the high-end luxury brand Viking Range are particularly appealing, with white exteriors and chrome accents.

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Where can one purchase a Viking gas range? has the most comprehensive assortment of Viking Grates available anywhere.Whether you have a Viking Range, Rangetop, Cooktop, or Grill, we have the Viking Grate you need.Browse our selection now.For Viking Professional and Viking Designer Cooking, we have Viking Burner Grates as well as Viking Center Grates in stock.

Viking Grill Grates as well as Flavor Generators are available.Grill Grates and Flavor Grids for the Outdoors.

Why is my Viking refrigerator not cooling?

  1. Make Certain That Your Viking Fridge Is Receiving Power by Trying This You should inspect and clean your condenser coils if your Viking appliance has stopped operating. If your Viking appliance has stopped working, the first thing you should verify is that it is, in fact,
  2. Additionally, you would be surprised at how much filth and dust may accumulate towards the rear of your Viking refrigerator.
  3. Additional Tips

How do you adjust the temperature on a Viking refrigerator?

  1. Adjusting the Temperature Controls on the Refrigerator Normal settings for models with two controls would be 5 and C, or 5 and 5, respectively.
  2. Single-control models: a normal setting would be 5 or the mid-point on the dial
  3. models with several controls:
  4. If you had a model with electrical controls, the default values would be 0 and 37.

Is a Viking stove worth the money?

As you can see from the information provided above, Viking ranges are well worth the investment. There is a good reason why they have been regarded as an industry leader in the sector for so many years. Furthermore, while they are on average more expensive than the conventional ranges, you will not be disappointed with the performance once you have experienced it.

How much are Viking cooktops?

Viking Range Prices: Viking 3 Series ranges start at $5,239, with the lowest priced range being $5,239. The Viking 5 Series has a starting price of $5,699. The Viking 7 Series starts at $11,269 and goes up from there. The Viking Tuscany Series has a starting price of $14,189.

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How much is a Viking 48 range?

With the raised edges of our one-piece tooled porcelainized cooking surface, you can keep spills contained to a single location. The purchase price is $19,349.00.

Protect your purchase with an extended warranty. High End Appliances
3 -Year Protection Plan: $629.99
5 -Year Protection Plan: $699.99

Is Viking A good stove brand?

The only thing I can say about Viking is that their oven racks are of high quality. They are both durable and gleaming. The cooktop is also a pain – but at least it does not break as frequently as the oven, which is always broken. I wouldn’t suggest vikings to my worst enemy under any circumstances.

How much is a Viking Tuscany stove?


Our Price
TVDDP524BF Blackforest Green $1,069.00
TVDDP524BW Bywater Blue $1,069.00
TVDDP524CS Cast Black $1,069.00

Is Viking cookware made in China?

What exactly is it? However, although the Viking 5-ply Professional and 3-ply collections are handmade in the United States, Viking’s 3-ply Contemporary and Hard Stainless collections are manufactured in China. A higher price tag is associated with cookware that is sourced and manufactured in the United States since it ensures the quality and consistency of the items.

What is the difference between Viking 3 Series and 5 Series?

The 3 Series, which is the entry-level model, offers the 30″ range with a variety of fuel options. The 5 Series includes professional ranges in 30″, 36″, 48″, and 60″ sizes, as well as all of the basic features. The 7 Series is the pinnacle of the Viking series, and the 36″ and 48″ versions are equipped with high-end amenities that set them apart.

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Are Wolf products worth the money?

And, finally, are Wolf ranges a good investment? Wolf professional ranges, whether they are gas, dual fuel, or induction, are well worth the investment because, simply put, Wolf ranges are among the very finest in the market and allow you to cook at a professional level in the comfort of your own home..

Where is the model number on a Viking professional oven?

The white label may be seen on the left-hand side of the oven cavity frame frame. If you have a newer unit, check up beneath the control face for the label after you have opened the oven door.

Does Viking make dishwashers?

When it comes to dishwashers, Viking is well-known for producing high-quality products. The large number of fantastic Viking goods available, on the other hand, might work against you: when faced with so many incredible options, it can be difficult to identify the one that is right for you.

What is the warranty on Viking appliances?

When purchased through an authorized Viking distributor, Viking promises that its goods will be free of defects in workmanship or materials for a period of two years from the date of purchase, under normal use and servicing.

Is Viking Range reliable?

When it comes to ranges and warming drawers, Viking products are well-known for their dependability, usefulness, high-quality construction, and appealing designs. In addition to offering appliances for both indoor and outdoor kitchens, it also provides a wide variety of colors and designs to pick from.

Where is Viking made?

Viking’s professional-style kitchen appliances are manufactured in Greenwood, Mississippi, as shown above. Ranges from Viking are traditional, durable, and dependable, and they were among the first to introduce professional performance cooking to the home kitchen setting.

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