Is Pea Gravel Good For Flower Beds?

There are various advantages to using pea gravel as mulch in flower beds for both plants and gardeners. Pea gravel is a low-cost alternative to wood mulch since it does not decay over time and requires no upkeep. Aside from creating a neat appearance in beds, pea gravel also serves to offer visual contrast against the green foliage and vibrant blossoms.

What are the best features of pea gravel?

One of the most advantageous characteristics of pea gravel is how little upkeep it requires. For your decorative gravel to remain in peak condition, ensure that the flower bed edging is well maintained so that the gravel remains in place. Keep a rake on standby in case a heavy storm or wind has shifted some of the pea gravel about in the garden.

Do weeds dig through pea gravel?

Pushing through pea gravel is extremely tough for weeds to do. Pea gravel is available in a range of hues, which can result in a garden that is very attractive. The little stones provide for excellent drainage and erosion prevention due to their size. Critters are unlikely to dig through pea gravel, therefore they’ll be kept at away in this situation.

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