What Does Have A Rush Mean?

The rush is also a colloquial expression that refers to the sensation of exhilaration that comes with achieving victory, or even just placing a winning wager, in sports. On a rush can refer to a series of consecutive wins in a casino game, or it can simply refer to a high percentage of the odds in the player’s favor. Rush as he really is

To hurriedly move or induce to move; to hasten. 2 to launch an unexpected attack against (a fortress, position, person, etc.)

What is the verb for Rush?

Rush verb (GO/DO IN A QUICK MANNER) B2 to (cause to) go or accomplish anything in a very short period of time: For the past few hours, I’ve been hurrying (about/around) in an attempt to complete everything.

What does Rush mean in gaming?

Go/do anything quickly is a rushing verb. (causing) to travel or accomplish anything in a short period of time: The entire day has been spent hurrying (about/around) and attempting to complete my to-do list.

What is the meaning of I’m in a rush?

I’m in a hurry 1. an adverbial phrase It is necessary to accomplish something or be there on short notice; one is extremely busy or rushed. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I’m pressed for time. Is it possible for us to do this interview tomorrow?

What are some examples of rushing in a sentence?

For the past few hours, I’ve been hurrying (about/around) in an attempt to complete everything. I hurried up the stairs/to the office/to get a phone in order to avoid being late. When she tipped the container over down, water poured out. We shouldn’t jump to conclusions about who is to blame. A task of this nature cannot be rushed.

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What does having a rush mean?

Rush is defined as follows: (Entry 2 of 5) a verb that is not intransitive a. to go or act in a hasty or hurried manner, or without enough planning

What does in a rush mean?

Moving fast from one place to another. attempting to complete a task or go someplace in a short period of time

What is a rush slang?

The rushing of a fraternity or sorority on a college campus. slang (number 26) Also referred to as: flash. the very joyful or exhilarating sensation experienced immediately after ingesting a narcotic or stimulant substance

What does quite a rush mean?

Get drunk or use drugs to achieve a high. Make a commitment to someone. take a strong interest in a connection, for example

How do you use the word rush?

When there is a pressing need to go somewhere fast, the term ‘rush’ can be used as a verb or as a noun. It’s a term that sounds extremely close to the word ‘rush.’

  1. In the morning, Ed was rushing to go to work
  2. Alma has to go to her next lesson as soon as possible.
  3. This is a procedure that cannot be rushed.
  4. I had to get moving.
  5. Make an effort not to haste

What is the difference between Rush and rash?

The difference between rash and rush as adjectives is that rash is acting too rapidly without contemplating the dangers and repercussions; it is not careful; it is hasty, whereas rush is accomplished with, or needing, urgency or extreme hurry, or it is done under time constraints or pressure.

What does Rushing mean in fraternities?

″Rushing″ is the process through which students become acquainted with the many fraternities and sororities on campus, and it can range from being quite official and regimented to being relaxed and casual in nature. The pledge process begins as soon as a student accepts a proposal to join a particular group.

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Why do they call it rush hour?

Rush hour traffic occurred in the morning (when people left their homes in Brooklyn to go to work in Manhattan) and the evening (when people returned home from work in Brooklyn) (when people left work in Manhattan to return home to Brooklyn). Because of the large number of people ‘rushing’ at the same time, a ‘rush hour’ of heightened traffic might last for more than one hour.

What does rush mean in drugs?

This information comes from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.A rush is defined as an extreme transcendent feeling of exhilaration in psychology.The use of a broad variety of recreational drugs has been shown to be capable of causing such an occurrence.Opioids (especially heroin) and psychostimulants are examples of such substances, although they are not the only ones available (particularly methamphetamine and cocaine)

Do girls like the band Rush?

Rush is, without a doubt, popular with certain women, but it is clear from viewing live footage and interviews that the band is more popular with men. Rush is, without a doubt, popular with certain women, but it is clear from viewing live footage and interviews that the band is more popular with men.

Which word class does Rush belong to?

As previously stated, the word ‘rush’ can be used as a noun, an adjective, a verb, or a proper noun. When used as a noun, a rush of business might be challenging to manage efficiently due to the unexpected volume of business. In the haste to finish, several mistakes were made in the use of nouns. The use of the noun: a torrential downpour.

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What is college rush?

Rushing is a sequence of days at college where you meet members of fraternity and sorority organizations, get to know them, and aim to form a bond with them throughout the course of the semester. The members will decide whether or not to ask you to become a member of their fraternity or sorority after going through this procedure.

What does rushed mean in slang?

(of a person) who is compelled to do something hastily or without much thought or consideration I never felt hurried or under any kind of time constraint.

What does bashing someone mean?

To strike with great force: hit Also: to harm or damage by striking: crush —often used in conjunction with within. 2: to attack physically or verbally, as as by attacking the media or insulting celebrities. a verb that is not intransitive

What does no rush mean?

ASAP is, in many ways, the polar antithesis of this (as soon as possible).It implies that there is no rush.It can be applied in a variety of ways.A person who requests something that is not urgent might respond with the phrase ‘no haste.’ Alternative: If you’re waiting for someone who is really busy, you might say ‘no rush,’ which indicates that you’re not in a rush and are ready to wait.

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