What Does The Maintenance Required Light Mean On A 1999 Honda Accord?

The Maintenance Required light is a reminder it’s time to replace the oil.It will automatically switch on after 6000 miles after being reset, and it is quite simple to do so.To view the complete response, please click here.A second issue is, what does it imply when the Honda Accord’s maintenance required indicator illuminates?

When this light illuminates, it indicates that there is nothing wrong with your vehicle.

When does the maintenance required light come on on a Honda?

After 4,500 miles, a flashing maintenance required light illuminates on the dashboard. The vehicle has reached the 5,000-mile service interval, and this is an alert for you to schedule an appointment for auto servicing. Following 5,000 miles since the maintenance necessary light was reset, the light will remain on and solid until the mileage interval is reached again.

Should I turn off my own maintenance required light after service?

There may come a moment when you’ll wish to switch off the light that indicates that maintenance is necessary. If the technician failed to reset the light when they completed the repair or if you performed your own service on your automobile, this is most likely the case. The technique for resetting the device is rather basic.

What does maintenance required mean on a check engine light?

Maintenance required lights, in contrast to check engine lights, are determined solely by the vehicle’s mileage and the date the light was previously reset. In most cases, a competent service technician can identify the vehicle’s maintenance requirements and perform the appropriate services, such as changing the engine oil and oil filter or doing a general vehicle check.

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How do I reset the maintenance required light on my Toyota?

Turn the ignition to the ″ON″ position and check to see whether the ″Maintenance Required″ light has been turned off. If the light continues to flicker in Step 5a, turn off the ignition and start the process over from the beginning. In order to reset the maintenance required light on most early- and late-model Toyota automobiles (with video), follow the steps outlined in this article: 1.

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