What Is The Synonym Of Rushed?

  1. Rush, hotfoot, hurry, hie, speed, race, pelt along, rush along, cannonball along, bucket along, belt along, hop on it, journey, go, move, locomote are all verbs that mean to go or move quickly.
  2. Rush, assail, assault, set on, and attack are all verbs that mean to rush or attack.
  3. Rush, haste, exhort, exhort on, press, exhort on
  4. Make haste and haste, look sharp, festinate and festinate, act and move
  5. Run, run, run

Hurried, quickened, sped (up) (or speeded (up)), whisked, sped (up) (or speeded (up)).

What does it mean to rush down mean?

To launch an attack or charge in a rapid and decisive manner: The cavalry charged down onto the encampment. 4. To flow or surge swiftly, frequently accompanied by noise: The water poured over the edge of the cliff. Football is number five. Carrying the ball, rather than passing it, is a method of moving the ball forward or attempting to move the ball forward from the line of scrimmage. 1.

What is a rush in football?

Football To sprint at (a passer or kicker) in try to disrupt or impede a play. rapid movement toward something: a frantic dash to get out of the room. 2. a. A hasty and hurried movement to reach or depart from a location: a stampede to the goldfields. 2. b. b. A sudden and widespread desire, such as a stampede for gold coins 3.

What is the meaning of heady rush?

When her name was shouted out as the winner, she felt a surge of elation that lasted only a few seconds. An very delightful sensation that occurs shortly after the consumption of a stimulant or other mind-altering substance. A rush work is one that is completed in a short period of time or that requires extreme hurry or urgency: a rush order.

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What is the synonym word of rushed?

Hasten, rush, quicken, speed (up), whisk are all verbs that mean to hasten or accelerate something.

What is the synonym and antonym of Rush?

It is used to describe rapid movement.It is used to describe how quickly something moves.It is used to describe how quickly something moves.It is used to describe how quickly something moves.It is used to describe how quickly something moves.

  • It is used to describe how quickly something moves.
  • The following are synonyms for unhurried: reserved; delay; hold up; loiter; dawdle; stall; detain.
  • rushverb.

What does rushed mean?

Hurried; hurriedly; hurriedly Rush (Entry 2 of 5) is an intransitive verb that is defined as follows: a. to go or act in a hasty or hurried manner, or without enough planning 2: to move a football by rushing for a total of 150 yards in a series of running plays

What type of word is rushed?

Rushed is a verb in the dictionary – Word Type.

What is it called when you rush into something?

Hurriedly into the past participle DEFINITIONS1. To (hurry into something) to undertake something without first thoroughly considering the consequences of doing so. Avoid making a quick decision that you may come to regret later.

What is the sentence of rushed?

An example of a hurried sentence. They sprinted toward the village on the spur of the moment. To get to the kitchen, Sarah and Connor sprinted. The paramedic raced to the scene.

What does with haste mean?

1: rapidity of motion or activity: rapidity of movement or action He was in a hurry to get away. 2: a quick decision Haste is a waste of time. More from Merriam-Webster on the subject of hurry.

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What is the analogy of Rush?

Rush through like a raging flood. Fairies were rushing everywhere. It was hurried along like a storm. Our world was engulfed in a lava flood.

What is rushing in college?

″Rushing″ is the process through which students become acquainted with the many fraternities and sororities on campus, and it can range from being quite official and regimented to being relaxed and casual in nature. Sorority rush is more formal than fraternity rush, with various themes and criteria for each day of the week.

Why are rushes called rushes?

Rapid-fire visual and audio footage captured throughout the course of a single day’s shooting is referred to as rushes (also known as daily rushes or dailies) in film production. They are one of the most important jobs of a digital image technician (DIT), and they were given this term because of the rapidity with which they must be made for usage in digital imaging applications.

What is the meaning of rushed over?

Rush over the vi phrasal in spanish (hurriedly address the situation)

What is the adverb form of rush?

Rush over the vi phrasal en espanol (hurriedly approaching)

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