How Do I Fix Edging Strip To Laminate Worktop?

Making Edging Strips for Kitchen Countertops Made of Laminate First and foremost, make certain that the edges you intend to polish are smooth and clear of dust or debris before proceeding.Cover the surface of the worktop with masking tape to protect it from any extra glue that could be present.Apply PVA adhesive – or an equivalent contact adhesive – around the edge of the composite fibreboard that has been left exposed to the elements.

How do you cut laminate worktop edges?

The front edge of the laminate worktop strip has to be trimmed up. Using a pair of sharp scissors, clip away any surplus material. Make small snips with the scissors at the very rear of the blade. While you’re cutting laminate strip, it’s simple for it to split and splinter, causing damage. Use caution when cutting laminate strip.

How do you remove edging tape from a kitchen worktop?

Allow as much time as possible for the worktop edging strip to be fastened in place until the glue has fully set. The clamp and all of the tape can now be removed, with the exception of a strip that runs up and around the very edge of the work area, once the glue has completely dried.

What is worktop edging strip?

It is usual practice to use a worktop edging strip to finish off the unfinished edge of a laminate countertop.With the help of this tutorial, you will discover how to install a worktop edge strip and which glue is the best to use.You will also learn how to clip off any excess and smooth out any rough places, as well as how to properly match the contour of the front edge of the worktop to the edging strip.

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