How Do You Store Knives On A Magnetic Strip?

You may install them on a wall using a magnetic strip, or you can keep them on the counter in a block or dock, beneath a cabinet if space is at a premium, or in a drawer dock if space is even more limited. There is a fifth way, which is known as the chef’s roll, which is described below.

Using a magnetic strip to safeguard your blades requires a little bit of practice as well as a little bit of expertise. When placing a knife on the strip, make sure the dull rear of the blade is the first section of the blade to come into contact with the magnet. The risk of chipping the sharp edge by striking it on the strip is reduced as a result of this.

How do you safely store your knives?

Another option is to keep your knife block clean on a regular basis, but for knife storage that protects both the blade and the person who is using it, try one of these alternative knife storage alternatives.Knife storage in a drawer does not imply that your knives should be thrown in with your other cooking utensils or that they should be squeezed into a drawer-sized version of a knife block.

How do I choose the best magnetic knife strip?

When selecting a magnetic knife strip, take the following considerations in mind: You want the magnet to be powerful enough to hold your blades firmly, but not so strong that the magnetic force causes the knife to snap to the bar when it is not needed. The possibility of chipping the knife exists if the magnet is too powerful and the user is not attentive, according to Kramer’s explanation.

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How do I use a magnetic knife rack?

Pro Tip: When using a magnetic rack, connect your knife spine first, then twist it 90 degrees so that the blade hits the rack softly rather than hitting it. This will lessen impact and prevent scratches. To remove it, do the opposite of what you just did.

Do magnetic knife bars keep knives sharp?

It is not just the type of storage you pick (magnetic knife bar, drawer, or wooden block) but also how you utilize it that determines how sharp your knives remain. All of the goods listed on Epicurious have been hand-picked by our editors and are of high quality.

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