How Much Is A Bear Rug Cost?

  • Bear Rug 195.00 Per ft.
  • Grizzly 295.00 Per ft.
  • Brown 295.00 Per ft.
  • Price List

    Rugs Price
    Raccoon $575.00
    Black Bear (O.M.) per ft. $220.00
    Black Bear (C.M.) per ft. $195.00
    Coyote (O.M.) $635.00

    Are your black bear skin rug mounts realistic?

    Our lifelike black bear skin rug mounts are unsurpassed in their detail. All of our black bear skins are commercially tanned by the top tanneries in Canada and mounted by taxidermists who have years of expertise.

    How much did your taxidermied bear rug cost?

    I spent $350 on my bear squares 7’6′- Rug, which has double felt (2 colors) cushioning on the bottom. Aside from that, the taxidermist had to restore the hide from where the wolves had devoured a bear the night before we were able to retrieve the animal the next morning. He performed an excellent job restoring the hide, and the rug’really has a distinct tale,’ according to the owner.

    How much does a bear pelt rug cost?

    Still need to find the bear, but having a rug created is an alternative in the event that I do. The majority of what I’ve seen is around $100 per foot. Or, to put it another way, $600 if the pelt measures 6 feet squared. That’s about the same as what mine would have cost with the head on. lareva Most people have moved on from that experience. My price per foot was $100.

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