Readers ask: What does aoe mean?

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  • Aoe means area of effect. It lets people know that you’re talking about the area of effect of a spell, or that the spell or power affects a large area. If you’re chatting or talking to someone about games, aoe is another way of saying that the spell, superpower, or bomb deals damage to an area.

What does AOE mean in games?

area of effect (AoE)

What does AOE attack stand for?

AoE means Area of Effect. In older RPGs, each attack had an Area of Effect value. A value of [1] meant the attack targeted 1 ‘unit of space’ (generaly tiles from the battle area).

What does AOE mean in lol?

Area of Effect (AoE)

What is AOE Genshin impact?

The term is used most commonly in RPG settings, where it refers to skills, spells, or other sources of damage or status changes that spread over a given area. AoE can be dangerous in any game, but in Genshin Impact AoE dodge is vital to smoothing out both the title’s many boss fights and its farming.

What does DP mean in gaming?

DP. Defense Points ( gaming ) DP.

What does II mean in gaming?

I.I. in Gaming

1 I.I. Interactive Innovations Technology, Halo, Innovation
1 II In the immediate War, Government, America
1 II In the initial War, Military, Technology
1 II Item Information Technology, Diablo, Information
1 II It included War, Technology, Apple
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What is AoE Ffxiv?

Area of Effect ( AoE ) describes magic, abilities, or effects which affect multiple targets within a certain area instead of a single target.

What is AoE Swgoh?

AOE – Area of Effect (basically an all-attack hitting all enemies)

What does BOT mean in lol?

Bot is an abbreviation used in League of Legends ( LOL ), Defense of the Ancients (DOTA), and other MOBA games. It refers to the bottom lane, which, along with the top and middle lanes, can be “pushed” against your enemies to gain map control, and ultimately, victory.

What does league+ mean in lol?

League+ (formerly League Friends) is a mobile app that provides access to the friends list as well as League of Legends Esports content.

What is CC on LoL?

Crowd control (commonly shortened to CC ) is a blanket term used in League of Legends to describe abilities or spells that remove or diminish the control a target unit has over aspects of itself, such as being able to cast spells or initiate movement commands.

Is Chongyun good Genshin impact?

The best Genshin Impact Chongyun build Chongyun is best suited for a sub DPS role, and his normal attacks can be converted into cryo damage. We recommend using him in a party with Genshin Impact’s Diluc to help trigger melt, or Genshin Impact’s Razor for superconduct.

Is Childe good Genshin impact?

Childe, also known as Tartaglia, is one of the strongest 5-star characters in Genshin Impact. Here’s our guide to help you with his weapons, artifacts, and talents.

What is superconductor in Genshin impact?

Super Conduct Explained In Genshin Impact Super Conduct is an Elemental Reaction that combines the Electro (lighting) and Cryo (Frost) elements together. This can be achieved by inflicting the Electro state on an enemy and then inflicting a Cryo attack, or vice versa.

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