why did ashley judd divorce

Is Ashley Judd still married to Dario Franchitti?

Actress Ashley Judd and champion race car driver Dario Franchitti are ending their marriage after more than 11 years. A representative for the actress confirmed the news Tuesday. Best known for movies such as “Double Jeopardy” and “High Crimes,” the actress attended Franchitti’s races for years.

What condition does Ashley Judd have?

“When I am sick for more than a month and on medication (multiple rounds of steroids), the accusation is that because my face looks puffy, I have ‘clearly had work done,’ ” she wrote. Her rep also told E! at the time that “Ashley has been battling an ongoing, serious sinus infection and flu.

Has Ashley Judd had cosmetic surgery?

Many news outlets and magazines speculated that Judd had undergone cosmetic surgery – but her spokesperson revealed the swelling was caused by steroids she was taking to treat a sinus condition.

What happened to Ashley Judd’s career?

Ashley Judd sued Harvey Weinstein in Los Angeles on Monday. She said that the disgraced movie mogul hurt her acting career in retaliation to her rejecting his sexual advances.1 мая 2018 г.

Is Ashley Judd in a relationship?

She grew up in a family of performing artists: she is the daughter of country music singer Naomi Judd and is also the half-sister of Wynonna Judd.

Ashley JuddOccupationActress activistYears active1991–presentPolitical partyDemocraticSpouse(s)Dario Franchitti ​ ​ ( m. 2001; div. 2013)​

Who is Ashley Judd’s ex husband?

Dario Franchitti2001 – 2013

Where does Ashley Judd live now?

Leipers Fork

How old is Ashley Judd now?

52 years (April 19, 1968)

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What is Ashley Judd’s real name?

Ashley Tyler Ciminella

Why is Ashley Judd face puffy?

Unfortunately, now they look too puffy,” Dr. Youn lamented. At the time, Ms. Judd’s rep clarified that the actress’s appearance was the result of an “ongoing, serious sinus infection and flu” and subsequent medicating, which fuelled only more squawks.

Has Naomi Judd had plastic surgery?

After much public scrutiny about her changed appearance and swollen face, many concluded that she had undergone plastic surgery or was eating too much.

Who is Dario Franchitti married to?

Ashley Juddm. 2001–2013

How old is Naomi Judd now?

74 years (January 11, 1946)

Who is Ashley Judd’s mother?

Naomi Judd

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