Why Did Mama Give Walter The Money?

Towards the end of A Raisin in the Sun, Mama changes her mind and decides to give Walter the insurance money because she feels bad about oppressing him in the same manner the rest of the world has. I feel that this is not the best course of action since Walter is far too much of a hopeless romantic to be given a huge chunk of money without a clear strategy in place.

She hoped that the achievement of her goal would ultimately open the way for the fulfilment of the aspirations of other family members. When she realizes she was doing to Walter what the rest of the world was doing to him, and that she was not giving him an opportunity to be a man, she makes up by giving Walter a portion of the money to start a personal bank account for himself.

What did Walter do with the Money Mama entrusted to Beneatha?

The amount of $6500 was entrusted to Walter by Mama during the second scene of Act Two.Three thousand dollars should be placed in a savings account, according to her instructions.Beneatha’s college degree was intended to be funded by this money.

The remaining $3500 was designated for Walter’s benefit.Walter, on the other hand, did not simply ‘invest’ his money; he instead handed it all to Willy, including Beneatha’s share.

Should Mama have given Walter the insurance money?

One would then wonder if Mama should have given Walter the money in the first place.It is she who provides him the remaining $6,500 in insurance money and instructs him to deposit $3,000 for Beneatha’s schooling while keeping the rest $3,500 for himself.Walter should be made the head of the family, according to Mama, and he should act as if he has already been made the leader of the family.

What did Mama give Walter in Act 2 Scene 2?

The amount of $6500 was entrusted to Walter by Mama during the second scene of Act Two. Three thousand dollars should be placed in a savings account, according to her instructions. Beneatha’s college degree was intended to be funded by this money. The remaining $3500 was designated for Walter’s benefit.

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Why does Mama give Walter money for his dream?

As Mama becomes more aware of Walter’s plight, she breaks down in tears.He believes that since he is a black guy, the chances are stacked against him.He does not want to spend the rest of his life driving as a chauffeur for a white, wealthy someone of European descent.

When Walter is at his lowest point, Mama makes the decision to provide him with the money he needs to pursue his ambition.

Why did Mama give Walter the insurance money?

Walter feels that the insurance money Mama gives him would enable him to achieve financial success as well as provide educational resources for his son, a priority that he places above his sister’s ambition to become a doctor in her own right.

Where does Mama give Walter the money?

When Johnson departs and Mama learns that Walter has not reported to work for three days, she feels responsible for his despair (‘I’ve been doing to you what the rest of the world has been doing to you’), so responsible that she gives him $6500, the remaining portion of the insurance check after she has paid her downpayment of $3500 on the home she has purchased.

Why is the money in mama’s check so important to Walter?

Walter and Beneatha’s points of view clash with Mama’s during the course of the performance. For Walter, money appears to be the panacea to all of his problems. People may live comfortable and carefree lives, he argues, since they have enough money. It also appears to characterize a guy through assessing his level of achievement and capacity to provide for his family, among other things.

What did Mama do with her money and why?

What did Mama do with the money she earned? She put a down payment on a house that she purchased.

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What was Ruth’s reaction to Mama’s purchase?

In addition to being enraged and disappointed, he had intended to use the money to purchase a booze shop. In response to Mama’s purchase, what is Ruth’s reaction? She is overjoyed because she will have enough space to raise her child.

How do Mama and Walter each want to spend the insurance money?

Walter, along with his buddies Willy and Bobo, intends to utilize the insurance money to make an investment in a booze store. Walter sees this investment as a chance to get away from his arduous and demeaning work as a chauffeur and pursue other interests. To put it another way, the booze shop provides an opportunity for upward mobility.

How does Walter disappoint Mama?

At the conclusion of Act I, how does Walter disappoint Mama? When he finds out that Ruth is pregnant, he storms out of the house in shock. What does Mama intend to do with the money she received from the insurance company?

What does Walter do with the money?

Walter and his ‘friend,’ Willy Harris, want to utilize the money to make an investment in a booze shop together. He sees this investment as a chance to become his own boss and to finally provide for his family in the manner in which he believes he is entitled to. Each and every person attempts to persuade Walter to refrain from investing in the booze business.

Why did Mama call Walter a disgrace to his father’s memory?

What was it about Walter that made Mama say he was a disgrace to his father’s memory? He had turned his back on God and had become an alcoholic as a result of his actions. He abused his wife and brought his mother into disrepute. He had gotten overly preoccupied with money and had abandoned conventional family values as a result.

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How are Walter and Mama’s views on money Different?

Walter feels that the world now revolves around money, while Mama believes that money is a source of problems and wants to keep it out of the house altogether.

What does money symbolize to Walter Lee?

Despite the fact that she has made a down payment of $3500 on the new property, she instructs him to deposit $3000 into a savings account for Beneatha’s medical school education. Following the completion of this task, he is free to do with it what he wishes. Her confidence in him is symbolized by the money.

What is Ruth’s dream raisin in the sun?

Ruth has a dream that is identical to Mama’s dream. She aspires to have a happy family and feels that purchasing a larger and nicer home is an important step toward achieving this aim. Ruth’s desire is also put on hold due to a lack of financial resources, which compels her and Walter to live in a cramped apartment where their son, Travis, must sleep on a couch bed.

What did Walter do for Mama?

Walter Lee and two of his pals want to use Mama’s $10,000 insurance payout to start a liquor shop business with the money. Mama is uninterested in Walter’s idea of being wealthy soon through this method due to her religious beliefs about drinking alcoholic beverages.

How do Ruth and Walter react to Mama’s news what does Walter accuse Mama of?

What are Ruth and Walter’s first reactions to Mama’s news? What is it that Walter is accusing Mama of? Ruth is overjoyed, but Walter is not pleased with the outcome. Walter claims that his mother shattered his dream.

How does Mama symbolically make Walter the head of the household?

What is the symbolic significance of Mama appointing Walter as the leader of the household? She offers him a sense of ‘control’ over the finances.

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