Can You Fix A Warped Pool Table?

If you have a pool table that seems to be warped or out of level, it may be tough to fix depending on the material that was used to construct the playing surface. If you are still experiencing distortion in the playing surface after attempting to remedy any issues, you should see a local pool or billiard store for advice and ideas. To view the complete response, please click here.

Once a wood-surfaced pool table has warped, it is sometimes hard to level or straighten it out again. It may be preferable to remove the plywood and replace it totally with fresh wood, or to purchase a new table.

Can you replace a warped MDF pool table?

If you do end up with a warped MDF pool table, you may just need to repair the damaged component that is underneath the pool table felt. However, unlike slate tables, many MDF tables are not meant to be disassembled and the playing surface replaced, as is the case with slate tables. The majority of them aren’t even meant to have the felt changed.

How do you straighten a warped pool stick?

Place the stick on a flat, level surface—a billiard table is ideal—and roll the stick across the table to complete the motion. If the tip of the pool cue moves up and down as the cue rolls, the stick is warped and will need to be straightened before it can be used correctly again.

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