How Do I Change The Needle On My Sewing Machine?

  1. Place a piece of fabric or paper on top of the needle plate or beneath the presser foot to protect the needle plate from damage.
  2. Turn the hand wheel in the direction of your body until the needle is at its highest point.
  3. Take one hand and turn the screwdriver toward the front of the machine to loosen the screw while holding the needle in the other hand and turning the screwdriver. Remove the needle from the needle holder
  4. Make sure that the old needle is removed (use caution while disposing of needles)
  5. Insert the fresh needle into the needle clamp until it reaches the top of the needle stopper (viewing glass) with the flat side of the needle facing the rear.

How do you remove a stuck needle from a sewing machine?

Insert the needle’s tip into the little hole of the needle insertion tool to secure it in place. Pulling it up over the needle is a good idea. Take your screwdriver and begin loosening the needle screw until it is no longer tight. Remove the screw from the nut with your hand and loosen the nut the rest of the way.

How do I raise the needle on my sewing machine?

Turning the handwheel in the direction of your body will raise the needle. The mark on the wheel (if there is one) should be aligned with the mark on the machine to ensure proper alignment. Here, the line on the handwheel and the line on the machine are in sync. Why?

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