How Do I Contact The Attorney General Of Washington State?


  1. In-state calls should dial 1-800-551-4636
  2. international callers should dial 1-206-464-6684
  3. and those with hearing impairments should dial 1-800-833-6388 (Washington State Relay Service for the hearing impaired).

How do I file a complaint with the Washington state attorney general?

Call with Questions

  1. 206.464.6684
  2. 1.800.833.6388 (Washington State Relay Service for the hearing impaired)
  3. 1.800.551.4636 (in Washington only)
  4. 206.464.6684
  5. 1.800.833.6388 (Washington State Relay Service for the hearing impaired)
  6. 1.800.551.4636 (in Washington alone)

What does an attorney general do?

Attorneys general are the highest-ranking legal officials in their respective states or territories. They provide advice and representation to their legislature and governmental agencies, as well as serving as the ″People’s Lawyer″ for the general public.

Who is Seattle attorney general?

Bob Ferguson is the 18th Attorney General of the state of Washington. As the state’s chief legal officer, Bob is dedicated to safeguarding the people of Washington against strong interests that do not adhere to the law or the rules of the game.

How do I file a legal complaint against a company?

The most effective approach to accomplish this is to register a formal complaint with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). One must complete out the form in accordance with the instructions provided in the form and submit all of the essential information as requested. After completing the form filling, it is necessary to complete the Check Form and Pre-scrutinize the completed form.

When can a consumer file a complaint?

Is there a time restriction for filing a complaint with the Consumer Court of Canada? A consumer complaint must be submitted within two years of the date on which the cause of action, deficiency in service, or defect in products first occurs, in order to be considered timely filed.

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Is Attorney General a constitutional post?

The Attorney General is appointed by the government and represents the government’s interests; as a result, he or she is not a neutral party. Although it is a constitutional authority, the opinions of its members are open to public review.

What is the difference between Attorney General and Chief Justice?

In layman’s words, the Chief Justice is a Judge, and the Attorney General is a Lawyer, and both have unique tasks to perform in the justice system.The Attorney General of India is the highest-ranking law official in the country, and he or she serves as the Government of India’s principal legal advisor.He is tasked with assisting the government in all of its legal affairs, including criminal prosecutions.

How many attorney generals are in Washington state?

Attorneys General for the State of Washington

# Attorney General Term of office
15 Ken Eikenberry 1993
16 Christine Gregoire 2005
17 Rob McKenna 2013
18 Bob Ferguson present

How much does an assistant Attorney General make in Washington state?

With a salary of $133,169 per year, the Assistant Attorney General position is the highest-paid position at the Office of the Attorney General of Washington State.

What did Washington’s Attorney General do?

William C. Jones was the first elected Attorney General of the state of Washington. During his service, he appeared in four matters before the Supreme Court of the United States. All four were concerned about the capacity of the new state to create port lines in and around Puget Sound in order to help in the safe growth of trade in the region.

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Is Washington an attorney state for real estate?

In Washington State, do I require the services of a real estate attorney? In contrast to several jurisdictions, Washington State does not compel you to use an attorney when purchasing or selling a house, unless you specifically request one.

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