How Do I Replace An Old Bathroom Sink?

  1. How to Replace a Bathroom Sink (with Pictures) Method 1: Dismantling the old sink and purchasing a replacement Method 2: Replacing a Top-Mount Sink (Step 1): Turn off the water supply and drain the pipes. Method 3: Replacing an Undermount Sink 1
  2. Method 4: Making Final Connections and Testing 1
  3. Method 5: Replacing an Undermount Sink 2
  4. Method 6: Replacing an Undermount Sink 3
  5. Method 7: Replacing an Undermount Sink 2

Is replacing a bathroom sink difficult?

If you have the required expertise, replacing a bathroom sink is not a very difficult undertaking to accomplish. It is possible, however, that there may be issues depending on the type of the work you intend to conduct – for example, adjusting the size of the hole that will house the sink.

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