How Do I Set Up My Military Move?

Customers may find the PCS & Military Moves landing page on the Military OneSource website under the Moving & Housing section under the Moving & Housing section. Once they’ve arrived, they’ll be able to arrange a move and obtain information on shipping their personal belongings, as well as other facets of their relocation.

How do I set up a DITY move?

8 Steps to a Stress-Free Move Using Your Own Personal Purchasing Power

  1. Make an appointment with your base’s Personal Property Transportation Office (PTO) to submit an application for the PPM relocation.
  2. Decide on your sort of motion.
  3. Make arrangements for any rental equipment or relocation services that you may require.
  4. Check your insurance policy to make sure you are covered.

How does a military move work?

Option 1: Hire a moving firm that has been approved by the military (TSP) In one to two days, a team of experienced movers will arrive at your home and pack up everything you have. Then they’ll come back and put everything into a moving truck, which will transport everything to a storage facility before finally delivering it to your new home or office.

How do I schedule a HHG move?

Requesting shipping dates must be made using the Defense Personal Property System, or DPS, website, which may be found at People who are encountering problems with the DPS system can call the Help Desk at 800-462-2176 or 618-589-9445 for assistance.

What do I need for PCS move?

The following are required components of a PCS binder:

  1. Identity cards
  2. personal documents
  3. medical records
  4. insurance paperwork
  5. marriage licenses
  6. car titles
  7. and other important documents.
  8. Other documents that has to be kept track of at every stage of the relocation process
  9. Contact information for both the present and planned duty locations
  10. and
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Are DITY move worth it?

DITY might be a wonderful option if you’re willing to pack your own belongings. It’s also a good option if you’re on a tight timeline and commercial carriers are unable to satisfy your requirements. The usage of PPMs during peak season is really a sensible decision, according to Piacine, since ″the member has total control over the process.″

How much do you get paid for a DITY move?

One distinction between a DITY move and a partial DITY relocation is that you will be compensated for your time and effort by receiving an allowance depending on the weight of your belongings and the distance you traveled. In most cases, you will get 95 percent of the money that it would have cost the military to hire professional movers to transport you to your new location.

How do military prepare for movers?

Here are eight crucial pointers to remember as you prepare for your first PCS move:

  1. As soon as the orders are received, the formal procedure should begin.
  2. Visit the transportation office at your installation.
  3. Log on to the internet.
  4. Make a selection on PPM.
  5. Make a reservation for on-base accommodation.
  6. Make a PCS binder for your documents.
  7. Make friends with the personnel at the base family services

What is a code 2 military shipment?

  • After that, a delivery to the dwelling is planned from the final destination warehouse.
  • This means of transportation is referred to as ‘Code 2’ and is less popular inside the lower 48 states, although it is extremely common while traveling between the lower 48 states and the state of Alaska.
  • * A shipment labeled ‘Code D’ by the government and delivered to Central Van Lines may be crated in the same manner as a Code 2.
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Do military movers pack your clothes?

Depending on how much household items you have, it may take the movers a significant portion of the day to pack your belongings. Not only do they have to pack everything, but they also have to name all of the boxes and go through the inventory list with their supervisor.

How do I register for move mil?

Online registration for the DPS

  1. Online registration for the DPS.
  3. The process of creating a fresh shipment
  4. The process of creating or maintaining a customer profile
  5. All personal information should be updated or created
  6. *When filling out this form, make sure you use a personal email address that you can access at any time of day or night.
  7. Adding an alternative point of contact for releasing or receiving

How do you get mil to move?

It is possible to begin the moving process in two ways: either contact the installation transportation office and have staff members advise you on the transfer, or do it yourself by accessing the automated Defense Personal Property System at and following the onscreen instructions.

How far in advance do you get PCS orders?

Are PCS orders sent to you on a regular basis? Every two to four years, directives for permanent change of station are often issued. The peak PCS season runs from May 15 through September 30.

How long until I can PCS army?

Enlisted personnel spend an average of four and a half to seven years on station, depending on their rank. While it is unlikely under typical circumstances, first-term Airmen and career Airmen are eligible to PCS after 12 months of time on station, and career Airmen are eligible to PCS after 24 months of time on station.

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What is a DD Form 2278?

DD Form 2278, ‘Application for Personally Procured Move and Counseling Checklist,’ is an application for a personally procured move.

How do I move my personal property as a military member?

Members and staff who require help are urged to visit their local Personal Property Processing Office for assistance. 4. Make a plan for your military relocation. Well Plan ahead of time and be flexible by offering other dates for packing and pick-up that you are ready to accept for your stuff while making a move.

How do I prepare for a military move?

4. Don’t forget to properly plan your military relocation. Plan ahead of time and be flexible by offering other dates for packing and pick-up that you are ready to accept for your stuff while making a move. If possible, avoid scheduling a pick-up or delivery on the same day that you depart or acquire entry to your home.

How do I get help with my military PCS move?

For service branch or technical help desk support, go to the customer service contacts for your military PCS to find out who to contact in your specific area of responsibility. Military OneSource provides a wide range of relocation assistance to service members and their families, including moving planning and packing instructions, financial counseling, and more.

What do military members need to know about moving?

  • Understand Your Military Relocation Responsibilities Before their pack out and shipment dates, service members have a few obligations to take care of.
  • First and foremost, military members must separate military professional books, papers, and equipment, also known as PBP&E, which must be packaged individually.
  • On the itemized inventory, these products must be clearly designated as ‘Pro-Gear or M-PRO’ to avoid confusion.

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