How Do I Treat My Pond For Weeds?

Catt Plex should be used to treat any weeds that are growing above the surface of the water. Both of these pond weed killers are herbicides that come into touch with the weeds. A effective application of the product will need that it be sprayed directly on or in the water where the weeds are growing.

How do you get rid of Floating Weeds in a pond?

Simply increasing the amount of aeration in your pond to encourage greater water movement will also help prevent some floating weeds from establishing themselves, since they like calm water. If the weeds have become more entrenched, it may be necessary to apply either a contact or a systemic herbicide.

How do you use liquid herbicides in a pond?

In accordance with the product label, liquid herbicides are combined with water and applied by a sprayer to target areas. After that, the weeds are sprayed directly. Only weeds that are actively growing should be treated. Granular herbicides are particularly effective on submerged weeds, in deep regions of the pond, and while the water is moving through the pond.

Why use our pond weeds control supplies?

Weed management materials from our company will protect your pond against buried weeds such as Naiad or American Pondweed as well as emergent weeds such as cattails and other aquatic plants. We provide a wide range of aquatic vegetation management solutions to satisfy your specific requirements.

How often should I treat my pond or lake for weeds?

Only treat a third of the pond or lake at a time since dead weeds diminish oxygen levels in the water, which may be harmful to fish and other creatures. Between treatments, let 10-14 days to elapse.

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