How Do I Tune My Chainsaw?

Replace the sparkplug by removing it from the chain saw with a socket wrench and a spark plug socket designed specifically for the chain saw.

How to properly start a chainsaw?

Make sure to move the chainsaw to an extremely solid surface and secure it tightly. Then, pull the starter cord about 2 or 3 times to propel the engine. Then, reduce the choke lever to its middle position. Finally, pull the starter cable three or four times to start up the engine.

How to unstuck a chainsaw?

Mount the bar in a vice and gently tap on the bent rail with a hammer and punch to release pinched rails from the vice. Prying open bent bar rails using a flat-blade screwdriver is another instrument that might be effective in this situation. Once you’ve figured out how to fix the pinch, you may put the chain back in the groove to see how well it works.

How to start, use and sharpen a gas chainsaw?

  1. To gently knock on bent rails using a hammer and punch, place the bar in a vice and softly tap on the bent rail. Another tool that may be used to pry apart bent bar rails is a flat-blade screwdriver with a short blade. You may next check your repair by reinstalling the chain in its groove once you’ve sorted out the pinch.

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