How Do You Remove An Old Lamp Post?

  • Shove the tanker bar into the earth on the side of the light post that wasn’t dug up before you started.
  • Pulling rearward on the tanker bar will provide leverage on the lamp post, which will allow it to be knocked free of the earth.
  • Have a second person stand opposite to catch the light post as it comes crashing down.

Lift the light post and place it in the wheelbarrow so that it can be transported easily.

How do you fix a rusting lamp post?

There isn’t any necessity to repair the rusted lamp post right now. Simply scrape away the rust and reapply some fresh paint to replace it. Steel wool and a wire brush should always be used to remove loose, peeling paint, filth, and grime.

How do you protect a lamp post from a light switch?

As an alternative, turn off the circuit breaker and cover it with a piece of tape to prevent someone from unintentionally putting the power back on while you are working on the circuit breaker. The mounting bolts for the outside lamp post may be concealed by a skirt or casing that is attached to the lamp post. If this is the case, remove the casing.

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