How Does The Army Ima Program Work?

What is the Army’s IMA program and how does it operate? Individual Duty for Training (IDFT) and 12 yearly training days are paid for IMA jobs up to a maximum of 48 four-hour periods per year. The Soldier’s training plan is coordinated with their assigned agency through the use of the IMA program, which provides for greater flexibility and freedom in arranging training.

  1. The IMA Program facilitates the rapid expansion of the Army wartime structure of the Department of Defense and other departments or agencies of the United States Government in order to meet military manpower requirements in the event of a military contingency, pre-mobilization, mobilization, sustainment, and/or demobilization operation.
  2. It also facilitates the rapid expansion of the Army wartime structure of other departments or agencies of the United States Government.

What is the overall objective of the IMA program?

The overall goal of the IMA program is to facilitate the rapid expansion of the Active Army wartime structure of the Department of Defense and/or other departments or agencies of the United States government in order to meet military manpower requirements in the event of a military contingency, pre-mobilization, mobilization, sustainment, or other military operation in the country.

Is there an IMA program handbook for the IMA soldier?

  1. It is not intended to be used in place of regulatory guidance.
  2. The Individual Mobilization Augmentee (IMA) Program Handbook is available online.
  3. In order to support the IMA Program, this manual is intended to assist the IMA Soldier, IMA Agency Coordinator, and HRC Career Management Teams as they carry out their duties to support the IMA Program.
  5. It will position you for success in all aspects of the IMA!

What is an IMA coordinator responsible for?

IMA Coordinators are responsible for keeping track of travel modifications at the installation level and informing Soldiers of any changes. If the Soldier’s mission demands that he or she go to a location that needs quarantine periods, the requesting Agency is responsible for the Soldier’s salary and per diem during the quarantine time, as well as for the Soldier’s transportation costs.

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How does IMA work in the reserves?

As part of their sponsored roles, IMAs are required to engage with their active-duty unit for anywhere from 24 to 36 days each year, depending on their field of expertise. They are paid a set wage, get benefits, and accrue points toward retirement.

What is the difference between IMA and TPU?

Army National Guard Soldiers operate largely with and for active-duty commanders, rather than in Reserve formations known as troop program units or TPUs, according to Mr. Smith. ‘The major notable distinction between the IMA and TPU is the support provided to the active component or employees,’ Kesling explained.

What is IMA program?

This program provides a source of trained and qualified members of the Special Operations Command Reserve (SMCR) to fill individual military billets that augment the active component structure of the Marine Corps, the Department of Defense or other Departments or Agencies of the United States Government.

Is the IMA the IRR?

On a scale ranging from IRR to Active Duty, the IMA Program ranks halfway between IRR and TPU (Regular Reserve and National Guard) groups in terms of stress, time commitment, and overall engagement.

Do IMA reservists get Bah?

This stipend is determined by the sort of duty that reservists are participating in, their family status, and whether or not they are allocated to government quarters. Reservists who are called up for duty in a time of national emergency or for a contingency operation are automatically eligible for the full amount of BAH.

How do I join the Army IMA?

There are four primary avenues for admission to the IMA. In your last year of graduation, you must pass the Combined Defence Services Exams, pass the SSB, be medically fit, and then attend the Indian Military Academy as a Direct Entry if you are among the top 10% of your class. The other options are 10+2 Tech Entry, which you may apply for once your 12th grade exams are completed.

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What are TPU soldiers?

Army Reserve Troop Program Units are the beating heart and soul of the United States Army Reserve! Soldiers in the Army Reserve are assigned to reserve units that train together and mobilize in support of the United States Armed Forces. Soldiers from the Army Reserve may be called up to active service to lend their experience in certain situations.

What is IMA guard?

In addition, the IMA program provides a unique opportunity to serve in Reserve status for those who are not located near a traditional (Air National) Guard or Reserve unit, for those who are unable to commit to one weekend every month, and for those who want to participate in new Air Force missions, according to the colonel in charge of the program.

Is IMA Selected Reserve?

8) Is it true that IMA soldiers are a component of the Selected Reserve (SELRES) force? Respondent: According to AR 140-10, Chapter 2-4a, the Select Reserve is made up of soldiers who are assigned to (2): Control Group (Individual Mobilization Augmentee) and are under the administrative authority of the Commander Human Resources Command.

Does Air Force IMA deploy?

  1. In order to be eligible for promotion, each IMA must serve 36 days every year, which includes a 15-day yearly tour.
  2. When an airman enlists in the program, he or she will be assigned to a certain base and will not be need to worry about being sent downrange.
  3. Tech Sgt.
  4. Lorie Walther is one of 87 members of the International Mission to the United Kingdom (IMA) presently stationed in the country.
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How can I go to AGR?

You can apply for the AGR program by visiting the United States Army Human Resources Command website or by calling 1-502-613-6365 for officer/warrant officer applicants or 1-502-613-5927 for enlisted candidates.

What is an IMA to the commander?

Ise has been appointed as the AEDC Commander’s new Individual Mobilization Augmentee, or IMA. He began working on this position on July 15 and is based at Arnold Air Force Base in Tennessee, which serves as the AEDC’s headquarters. Reservists who have been sent to active duty forces in order to provide certain skill sets that will enhance mission effectiveness.

What is IMA measured in?

Movements of the IMA are measured in millimeters per second (m/sec). Because of the athlete’s orientation, the direction of the change in direction is dictated by the application of force and the direction of the force.

What is an Individual mobilization Augmentee?

In the army reserve, an individual mobilization augmentee is a reservist who attends drills and is pre-assigned to an active component organization, a selective service system, or a Federal Emergency Management Agency billet that must be filled on the day of mobilization or within a short period of time after.

What is involuntary IRR?

  1. Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) is an abbreviation for Individual Ready Reserve.
  2. Members of the IRR have a portion of their initial 8-year Military Service Obligation or other service obligation that has not been completed (separation pay election).
  3. Members are allocated as a consequence of their recent departure from active service or as a result of their participation in a guard/reserve organization.

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