How Tall Does Hummingbird Mint Grow?

Tango Hummingbird Mint is a mint with a tangy flavor.In full light, Tango’s leaves have a strong licorice scent and may be used to flavor tea, either fresh or dried.Tango’s leaves make an excellent addition to a hummingbird or butterfly garden, as well as a container, bed, or rock garden.

It grows to be 12-18 inches tall and is considered to be one of the most effective plants for attracting wildlife.To view the complete response, please click here.

Grows only 13” tall.”

Is hummingbird mint a perennial?

A preferred perennial for xeriscaping because of the lovely blossoms and drought-tolerant characteristics of agastache, also known as hummingbird mint or gigantic hyssop, is agastache.The search for long-lasting blossoms, hardy plants that are easy to care for, and drought-resistant plants that will help conserve water or thrive in container plantings is never-ending for gardeners in all seasons.

Is hummingbird mint a hyssop?

Hummingbird mint, also known as gigantic hyssop, is an excellent choice for gardeners who want to produce a dramatic accent container planting or an aesthetically pleasing mass of blossoms for hummingbirds. Hylandii grows anywhere from 1-4′ tall and 12-24″ broad depending on the cultivar and variety, so pay close attention to labeling and measurements.

How do I grow hummingbird mint?

Hummingbird mint should be planted in well-drained soil or in pots to attract hummingbirds. Gardeners in places with very rainy winters will want to raise the crown of the plant a few inches above the ground level to allow for improved drainage.

How do you care for hummingbird mint Agastache?

Hummingbird mint should be planted in well-drained soil or pots, according to the instructions on the package. For better drainage in locations where the winters are excessively wet, gardeners should raise the crown of the plant a few inches above the ground.

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