Is There A Launch Today?

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What is the space launch schedule app?

The Space Launch Schedule app, which was developed by space nerds for space nerds, keeps track of upcoming rocket launches all over the world, including those from the Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral in Florida, Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, and launch sites in New Zealand, China, Russia, and other countries.

What time does GOES-T launch from space?

Launch of the GOES-T weather satellite atop an Atlas V rocket from Florida’s Cape Canaveral Space Force Station is slated to take place today within a two-hour window that begins at 4:38 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (2138 GMT). You can watch the launch live right here on, courtesy of NASA, or you can watch it directly on the NASA website.

What time does the Soyuz rocket launch?

Time of launch: 1357 GMT (9:57 a.m.). The crewed Soyuz MS-15 spacecraft, which will carry members of the next Expedition crew to the International Space Station, will be launched into orbit by a Russian government Soyuz rocket. The capsule is expected to remain aboard the station for around six months, serving as an escape pod for the station’s occupants.

What time does Space Shuttle Discovery launch?

Currently, the Space Shuttle Discovery is preparing to launch from Launch Pad 39B at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, and the countdown to liftoff is progressing smoothly toward a liftoff later this morning at 10:39 a.m. EDT.

What time is the launch of SpaceX today?

Launched from Florida’s Cape Canaveral Space Force Station at 12:42 a.m. EDT (04:42 GMT) on Saturday, the two-stage Falcon 9 spacecraft carried 53 of SpaceX’s Starlink internet satellites into low Earth orbit.

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What time is NASA’s launch tonight?

The action is set to begin at 5 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (2100 GMT).

What time is Astra launch today?

An Astra Rocket 3.3 launch vehicle carrying three payloads for Spaceflight Inc. is planned to blast off from Pad LP-3B at the Pacific Spaceport Complex on Alaska’s Kodiak Island at 12:22 p.m. EDT (16:22 GMT, 9:22 a.m. PDT) on Wednesday.

Did the Falcon 9 launch today?

On April 1, at 12:24 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (16:24 GMT), a two-stage Falcon 9 rocket launched from Florida’s Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, delivering 40 satellites to orbit for a range of clients.

When’s the next launch at Kennedy Space Center?

NET is launching a rocket. 8:00 a.m. EDT on April 8, 2022 | SpaceX Falcon 9 Axiom Mission 1 is launched (Ax-1) Axiom Voyage 1 (Ax-1) is the first privately funded mission to the International Space Station, carrying a crew of four astronauts.

What time does the rocket go up tonight?

The plane will take off at 4:49 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (2149 GMT).

What channel is SpaceX launch on today?

SpaceX’s Crew-3 mission is scheduled to launch on Wednesday, November 10 at around 9:03 p.m. Eastern Time. Among those on board will be NASA astronauts Raja Chari, Tom Marshburn, Kayla Barron, and European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Matthias Maurer, as well as European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Alexander Gerst. The Science Channel will broadcast the event LIVE, so be sure you tune in.

How can I watch the SpaceX launch tonight?

Alternatively, you may view it on, which is provided by SpaceX, or directly through the corporation. The webcasts for SpaceX launches typically begin 15 to 20 minutes before liftoff.

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Where is SpaceX currently?


Headquarters in December 2017; plumes from a flight of a Falcon 9 rocket are visible overhead
Founder Elon Musk
Headquarters Hawthorne, California, United States33.9207°N 118.3278°WCoordinates:33.9207°N 118.3278°W
Key people Elon Musk (CEO and CTO, 2002–present) Gwynne Shotwell (president and COO)

Where can I watch Astra launch today?

From around 11:30 a.m. EDT onwards, you may watch Astra’s planned launch live on this website, which is provided by Astra and NASA Spaceflight (1530 GMT). You can also watch it straight on Astra’s livestream page, which can be found here.

When’s the next Falcon Heavy launch?

The next launch of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket, which had been slated for this month, has been postponed until early 2022 due to further delays imposed by the rocket’s U.S. military cargo, according to a representative for the Space Force.

How can I watch NASA launch?

One of the few public viewing areas with a clear view of the launch pads is located at the Visitor Center, which is approximately 7 miles away from the launch range and is one of the few public viewing areas with a clear view of the launch platforms!The Launch Viewing Area at the Wallops Visitor Center is open to the public and free of charge, although space is limited and provided on a first come, first served basis.

When was the most recent SpaceX launch?

In a successful launch on Wednesday (March 9), SpaceX successfully deployed a fresh set of Starlink internet satellites, marking the company’s tenth flight in as many weeks. At 8:45 a.m. EST, a two-stage Falcon 9 rocket launched 48 Starlink satellites into orbit from the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida, according to the United Launch Alliance (1545 GMT).

Where is the Falcon 9 going?

After six successful missions to the International Space Station, including five official resupply missions for NASA, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon spacecraft are set to launch from Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida, for their sixth official Commercial Resupply Services mission to the space station.SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon spacecraft have already completed five official resupply missions for NASA (CRS)

What was the purpose of the Falcon 9?

Falcon 9 was created to compete with the Delta family of launch vehicles in that it has the capability of delivering payloads of up to 8,300 kg (18,300 pounds) to geostationary transfer orbit. Dragon, a spaceship intended to transport passengers and cargo to the International Space Station, is one of the payloads that was launched into low Earth orbit by SpaceX. (ISS).

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Is there a NASA launch tonight?

There is a two-hour window for the launch. On the day of the launch,’mission audio,’ which includes countdown events sans NASA TV launch commentary, will be broadcast on the number 321-867-7135. The NASA TV media will broadcast a ‘clean feed’ of the launch that will not include any NASA TV commentary.

Is the launch still on for Tonight?

It was reported by officials that the mission is still on track for a timely liftoff, and that the inquiry is ongoing. NASA and SpaceX then proceeded to launch Crew-3 with four more astronauts just two days after the Gulf of Mexico splashdown occurred. Dragon possesses a total of four big attacks.

Is there a rocket launch tonight?

Something is in the process of loading. Elon Musk has stated that his rocket business, SpaceX, which he started in 2002, will most likely launch its Starship mega-rocket into orbit above the Earth for the first time later this year.

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