Question: Stardew valley where to buy chickens?

  • They can be purchased from Marnie’s Ranch for 800G each, they can also be hatched from incubators with an egg if the player has a Big Coop or above. Once purchased or hatched the player has to give the chicken a name; the game also offers the player a basic name if you cannot decide the name. (The name can be changed later)

Are Stardew Valley chickens worth it?

Yes, chickens are great for high profits, but you have to set up first. You’ll need a solo in proximity to your coops and grass. You’ll also need the mayo presses, one for each chicken or duck you have. Then make sure you pet and feed them every day, so they can yield eggs.

Can chickens die in Stardew Valley?

They can die under special circumstances. E.g. locking them outside of the coop or barn without a protective fence has a chance to cause an animal attack to kill one of them.

How many chickens can you have in Stardew Valley?


Capacity 4 12
Animals Chicken Chicken Void Chicken Duck Dinosaur Rabbit
Footprint 6×3 6×3
Features Hay Hopper Feeding Bench Hay Hopper Feeding Bench Incubator Autofeed System

Do I need a heater for my chickens Stardew Valley?

A heater has an effect on animal Mood (which is different than Friendship) during the Winter when an animal is inside a barn or coop past 6PM, and the animal has 150 mood or above. Only a single heater is required to have an effect, additional heaters provide no additional benefit.

Which animal is most profitable Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley Animals Can Make Players A Solid Profit Pigs are highly profitable, with the ability to find multiple truffles a day that are worth between 500G-1250G depending on the quality. The higher a player’s friendship with their pigs go, the more truffles they can find in a day.

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Can animals die in Stardew Valley?

Farm animals who live in barns and coops need to eat every day, one “portion” per animal . They can eat either fresh grass (if allowed outside) or hay (if kept inside or are unable to find grass). They do not die if not fed, but become upset and cease production of animal products until feeding resumes.

Can the dog die in Stardew Valley?

the only things that die in the game are plants and monsters. animals will live forever, even if you never feed them.

How do cows get pregnant in Stardew Valley?

Cows will become pregnant by themselves without any action by the player. During the night, the player will receive a notice that their animal gave birth.

How many kids can you have in Stardew Valley?

You can only have two children , one male and one female. The gender of the first child is random, and the gender of the second child is the opposite of the first child . Children never grow up past the Toddler stage (Stage 4).

Why are my chickens unhappy Stardew Valley?

If the chickens do not have access to any food (grass or hay), their friendship will decrease every day. In the winter, their friendship will decrease slightly every day if there is not a heater in their coop.

Do you have to feed your chickens in Stardew Valley?

Hatchlings or just-purchased chickens do not need to be fed on the day they arrive on the farm, although they respond as normal to petting. Afterwards, babies and adults require the same care and amounts of food. Chickens eat hay, which can be purchased from Marnie or harvested from grass.

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Why are my chickens always grumpy Stardew Valley?

Probably the happiness rollover bug, if you’re letting them out to eat grass. If you’re feeding them grass, this’ll set their Happiness/Mood to max.

How do you feed chickens in winter Stardew Valley?

Feeding : You can place 4 pieces of hay in the coop to feed the chickens , pick up the hay from top left and place it in the feeding station to the right. Color: There are 4 different colors of Chickens in Stardew Valley , White Chickens , Brown Chickens , Blue Chickens , and Void Chickens .

How do you beat the winter mystery in Stardew Valley?

The Loop (Games) During winter , when you leave your farm by walking to the Bus Stop between 6 am and 4 pm, you will see a cutscene in which a “Shadow Guy” is startled by your appearance and runs away. After seeing the cutscene, the quest “A Winter Mystery ” is added to the player’s journal.

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