Readers ask: What does mmcht mean?

  • -Sound meaning: “MMCHT” is like saying, WHAT?, BULLSHIT!, Yea RIGHT Ok.., Did u really just say that! Etc. -When your trying to convince another person your not lying and u don’t know what to say, so you make the noise “MMCHT” followed by repeating what your accused of.

What does smacking your teeth mean?

Kiss teeth or suck teeth is the action of someone sucking on their teeth to make a sound. This sound and gesture signals disappointment in something. It sounds somewhat like a smacking sound. I now think of it as the “eye roll” for your mouth.

What does MMCT stand for?


Acronym Definition
MMCT Metal-to- Metal Charge Transfer
MMCT Microcell-Mediated Chromosome Transfer
MMCT Mulanje Mountain Conservation Trust
MMCT Mobile Member Care Team (Ghana)

What does smacking mean slang?

The new meaning, of the word smack, is an act of criticizing someone behind his or her back. There are four main reasons why the slang word smack should be used in today’s Standard American English. The word smak originated in the year 1000, when the Dutch used it to describe a delicious odor or a sweet taste.

How do you type sucking teeth?

Velar-ingressive linguadental fricative ” Sucking your teeth.” Often this is to the side, not right in the middle.

What does Mmtch mean?

it’s the sound you make when you suck your teeth.

How do you kiss your teeth in text?

Among people from the Caribbean, kiss teeth can be represented in writing using the words “Cho!”, “Chups”, “Tchuipe, “Chupes”, “Stchuup”, and similarly spelled words. These words are both nouns and verbs. []

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Is MMCT and CSTM same?

It is also a terminal for several long-distance trains including the Mumbai Rajdhani Express. It is one of the five major Terminal stations in Mumbai while others being Mumbai CST, Mumbai LTT, Mumbai BDTS and Mumbai Dadar. In 2018, a resolution was passed to change the station code to MMCT, with implementation ongoing.

What does WJY mean in a text message?

The meaning of WJY abbreviation is ” World Journey of the Youth ”

What is difference between BCT and MMCT?

The railways has decided to change the station code of Mumbai Central from BCT to MMCT from February 1, 2018. To curb rumours, Western Railway again clarified on Monday, “WR has decided to replace the station code of Mumbai Central main ( BCT ) and Mumbai Central local (BCL) with MMCT with effect from February 1, 2018.

What does slaps mean on Snapchat?

SLAP means “Sounds Like A Plan”. The abbreviation SLAP is commonly used with the meaning “Sounds Like A Plan” as a positive response to a suggestion. SLAP is similar in meaning to the abbreviations SG2M (“Sounds Good to Me”) and TSG2M (“That Sounds Good to Me”).

What does lip-smacking mean?

displaying or expressing enjoyment or pleasure, esp at the taste of food or drink. He consumes his food with lip – smacking enjoyment.

What does smocking mean?

Smocking is an embroidery technique used to gather fabric so that it can stretch. Smocking was practical for garments to be both form fitting and flexible, hence its name derives from smock — a farmer’s work shirt. Smocking was used most extensively in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

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What is clicking your tongue called?

Linguists have distinguished five distinctive sounds, including dental clicks (as described above), lateral clicks (like the clucking sound made to horses), alveolar clicks (in which the tip of the tongue is on the ridge behind the upper teeth), postalveolar clicks, and, in some dialects, bilabial clicks (making the

How do you spell lip smacking sound?

Poppysmic refers to the noise produced by smacking the lips together.

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