What Are The Three Modes Of Persuasion That Aristotle Suggested?

The forms of persuasion of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos are employed to persuade audiences in various situations. Additionally, they are referred to as the three artistic proofs (a concept invented by Aristotle) and are each symbolized by a different Greek word. The ethos, also known as the ethical appeal, is a technique for persuading an audience of the author’s integrity or character.

  1. In his Discourse on Persuasion, Aristotle outlined three elements that comprised the art of persuasion: Logos — making a logical argument
  2. Pathos — making an emotional argument
  3. Ethos — making an ethical, moral, or character argument

What are the three modes of persuasion?

The three types of persuasion are as follows: Logos– Persuasion that is founded on the argument that is being presented to an audience. If you want to convince someone, you have to first persuade them of your character, and then convince them of your reasoning.

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