What Does It Mean To Combine Something?

To combine two or more things into a single unit is to unite them together as a single entity. When two or more items come together, they produce combinations. More seldom, the word combine can be used as a noun to refer to a variety of other things, most notably a grain harvester and an athletic competition in which participants demonstrate their abilities.

1: to combine two or more things in order to produce or appear as though they are one. In a large mixing basin, combine all of the ingredients. 2: to come together or induce to come together for a certain purpose The two organizations joined forces to push for reform. noun. a combination of two or more words.

What does it mean to combine things together?

To unite as a single entity is to 1 come together. The extremely various design components of the space work together to create a unified whole…. Synonyms for the word ″combine.″ associate, coalesce, conjoin, conjugate, connect, couple are all words that mean the same thing.

How do you use the word combined in a sentence?

Com·bine In order to achieve unity, the components must first be blended in a bowl; the eggs and flour must be combined in a separate bowl. mixing 2 To combine (two or more things) in order to produce a single substance, such as a chemical compound 3 Having, exhibiting, or involving in a group of activities: The choreography is a combination of artistic ability and athleticism.

What does it mean to combine things?

When you bring things together, you are combining them and producing a new entity out of a collection of numerous. While in certain circumstances, the distinct things combine their qualities and are unable to be separated again, in other cases, the combined items may be separated and selected individually.

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What is it called when you combine things together?

Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Mergers Synonyms for the word merge include amalgamate, blend, coalesce, commingle, fuse, mingle, and mix, to name a few. When combined, all of these terms indicate ‘to bring together to form a more or less homogeneous whole,’ but the word merge denotes a combination in which one or more of the pieces are lost in the total.

Does combine mean add?

3x−7y+9y+4x We can mix them since they are similar in meaning. Combine implies to add them together, but only their coefficients are added together. When it comes to arithmetic, combining like words is extremely significant since it helps you to simplify formulas and make them more comprehensible. For example, while adding or subtracting polynomials, it is really useful!

What does the term combined mean?

Something that has been mixed is the outcome of one or more objects that have been merged.The united voices of a crowd are louder than the voice of a single individual.A combination is the act of putting two or more items together, such as putting a shirt and pants together or mixing ingredients together to produce a cake.In the event that two persons pool their funds, the total sum will be larger.

Where do two things join together?

The terms junction and juncture refer to a location, line, or point where two or more items come together. A junction is also a point at which two or more items join together, such as the confluence of two rivers.

Is it combined or combine?

Definitions and synonyms should be combined.

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present tense
he/she/it combines
present participle combining
past tense combined
past participle combined

When things work well together?

The term synergistic refers to the fact that several aspects of something are working together to achieve a more effective result.

What does combine mean in baking?

Combine. A spoon can be used to stir two or more components together, or a mixer can be used on a low speed to blend the ingredients together.

Can we say combine together?

Associate, connect, join, link, relate, and unify are some of the synonyms for combine that are commonly used. While all of these terms indicate ‘to join or come together in some kind of union,’ the word combine suggests a merging or mixing of some sort, with a commensurate loss of individuality for each of the constituent parts.

Is 4x a like term?

When to mix phrases that are similar The abilities are distinct, and as a result, they are not interchangeable. In this case, the phrases 4x and 2x are equivalent since the first term contains a variable of x and the second term has the same variable as the first term.

Does combine mean add or multiply?

To combine terms that are similar, add the coefficients together and multiply the sum by the common variables in the terms.

What does it mean to combine food?

The combining of two or more culinary items to form a combination is known as blending. This may be performed either by hand combining the ingredients or by using an electric blender or food processor to combine the components.

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What are combines in science?

A combine is a harvester and thresher that works together. It is employed in the threshing process.

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