What Does Theoclymenus Prophecy To Penelope?

What does Theoclymenus say to Penelope in his prophecy? As a result, Theoclymenus deduced that Telemachus would succeed as head of the royal house of Ithaca by reading the auspices from the birds in that location. He also predicted that Odysseus had already arrived in Ithaca, disguised and keeping a close eye on the unfolding events.

  • The Odyssey, which is generally accepted to have been written around 800 B.C., tells the story of the Greek general Odysseus’ 10-year journey back to his home on the island of Ithaca following the destruction of Troy in roughly 1200 BCE.
  • To close up the narrative, a seer named Theoclymenus foretells the deaths of a group of suitors who are vying for the affections of a beautiful young woman.

What does the prophet tell Penelope?

He informs Penelope that, in essence, Odysseus has survived a difficult struggle and is free to roam the waters, and he predicts that Odysseus will return within a month.

What does Odysseus say to Penelope?

Odysseus quickly and firmly orders her to be silent, even barring her from revealing his name to Penelope. Next the bath, Penelope rejoins the beggar/Odysseus and explains that she would hold a contest the following day in order to pick a spouse and satisfy the suitors who have expressed interest.

How does Odysseus reveal himself to Penelope?

He reassures himself of their commitment before revealing his true identity to them through a scar on his foot, which he wears proudly. If they fight beside him against the suitors, he vows to treat them like Telemachus’ brothers.

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What is the first prophecy in the Odyssey?

Prophecies suggest that they are on the right track and that the gods are on their side. Towards the beginning of the story, when Athena disguises herself as Mentes and prophesies Odysseus’ return, Athena has given Telemachus the very first prophesy.

What difficulty does Penelope say the gods gave to her and Odysseus?

She wants to be careful now since he has been cautious in the past. What is the problem that Penelope claims the gods have placed her and Odysseus in? They have been apart for 20 years.

What contest does Penelope propose to the suitors?

What kind of competition does Penelope have in mind for the suitors? What will be the award if they are the winners of the contest? Those who can string Odysseus’ hard bow and shoot an arrow- but only through a dozen axes- will be eligible to receive her hand in marriage, according to her.

What does Odysseus promise to Penelope?

What was the pledge that Penelope made to Odysseus before he embarked on his journey into battle? She made a vow to Odysseus that if he did not return by the time Telemachus had grown into a man and had a beard on his chin, she would marry him again.

How does Odysseus prove to Penelope that he is who he says he is?

Even if Penelope doesn’t recognize him when Odysseus returns, she isn’t confident in the fact that Odysseus is who he claims to be. Odysseus is put to the test when she orders her servant Eurycleia to shift their marital bed. This is demonstrated by his rage, as well as the fact that he is aware of the history of the bed.

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Does Penelope cheat on Odysseus?

Pausanias recalls the account that Penelope had, in reality, been unfaithful to Odysseus, who, upon his return, exiled her to the island of Mantineia, according to the legend.

How does Odysseus prove his identity to Penelope quizlet?

What method does Odysseus use to establish his actual identity? On his foot, he demonstrates the scar. Who is the first person Odysseus kills, and why does he do so?

What is the secret between Penelope and Odysseus?

During the day, she weaves a new piece of the puzzle, which she unravels every night for three years until one of her maids discovers the secret. She does this so that she would not have to give up hope for the return of her loving husband and marry again. When, at long last, Odysseus returns, she demands that he prove his identity before she can accept him as a son.

How does Odysseus prove to Penelope that he was the king of Ithaca Greece?

Odysseus is initially recognized solely by his loyal dog and a nurse, but he eventually confirms his identity—with the assistance of Athena—by successfully completing Penelope’s challenge of stringing and shooting with his old bow. Penelope, on the other hand, does not trust him and puts him through one more test.

What is Polyphemus prayer to his father Poseidon?

Odysseus will never return home, so Polyphemus appealed to his father Poseidon for help. If he does manage to return home, let it be after a long period of time. As part of his prayer, he wished for Odysseus to lose all of his soldiers or comrades.

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What is the prophecy in the Odyssey Book 9?

Polyphemus petitions Poseidon to ensure that Odysseus never returns home, a curse that is repeated by Tiresias as a prophesy (11.125-35) and by Circe as a warning (12.148-53). Alternatively, if the Fates have already decreed that he must, he may arrive late, shattered, and alone, only to discover that his home is in grave distress (9.590-95).

What prophecy does Odysseus receive?

What is the prophesy that Odysseus is given? After receiving the prophecy that he would be unable to return to Ithaca unless he travels across a perilous strait, past Thrinacia, Odysseus sets off on his journey.

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