What Grows Well With Sweet Corn?

  1. What kinds of plants go well with sweet corn? Cucumbers
  2. \sLettuce
  3. \sMelons
  4. \sPeas
  5. \sPotatoes

Marigolds. Among the most popular companion plants, marigolds are particularly effective in repelling a wide range of pests, including aphids, which are a major issue on corn stalks. Melons. Mesclun vines spread out along the ground to give ground cover for corn, keeping weeds at bay and keeping the soil wet. Mesclun vines also offer ground cover for other crops.

What is a good companion plant for corn?

Companions for Corn Plants in Increased Numbers Cucumbers and other vegetables are good companion plants for maize. Lettuce. Melons. Peas.

What is the best sweet corn to grow at home?

Sweet corn varieties that are highly rated and easy to grow at home 1. Ambrosia Hybrid (also known as Ambrosia). Yes, you read that correctly — ambrosia in the form of custard. And it’s not by chance that this SE variety is designated as 2. Blue Hopi. It is a heritage SH2 type with 5-foot stalks that yield 7-inch, very dark blue ears that are rich in vitamin 3.

What can I plant between my corn rows?

All of these plants can be planted in between your rows of corn or between the rows of your corn. Aside from spicy foods, raccoons are said to avoid plants in the tomato family, including all members of the tomato family. Plants such as habanero chilies and tomatoes can be planted around the perimeter of your corn patch, but they should not be planted too close to the corn itself.

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What is the best potting mix for sweet corn?

Corn grows well in a potting mix that is loose and well-draining. During the planting process, use a high-nitrogen fertilizer according to the package directions. Sweet corn can not tolerate having its roots disturbed, therefore it is recommended to pick a pot that will be large enough to support the plant when it has fully grown.

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