What Is A Positive Number Plus A Negative Number?

When you have two negative signs, one of them rolls over, and the two negative signs add together to form a positive. There is one dash left over when you have a positive and a negative. The answer is negative in this situation.

What does a negative number plus a positive number equal?

  1. What does the sum of a negative number and a positive number come to?
  2. A minus and a plus combine to form a minus.
  3. A positive response is obtained by multiplying or dividing two positive integers together or by two positive numbers.

It is possible to produce a positive result by multiplying or dividing two negative integers together or equally.In the case of a positive and a negative number being multiplied or divided, the result will be negative.

How do you add a negative number to a positive number?

You may think of adding a negative number to a positive number as subtracting the second number from the first, which is exactly what you are doing. Consider the number 4 plus 1. (-2). What does it look like on the numbers line, exactly? You begin at four o’clock.

What does it mean when a number has no negative sign?

The negative sign is represented by the symbol ‘-‘. If a number does not have a sign, it is normally considered to be a positive number. Consider numbers as balloons (positive numbers) and weights (negative numbers): Adding positive numbers is as simple as adding any other positive number. Subtracting positive numbers is as straightforward as subtracting negative numbers.

What is the value of positive 6 Plus negative 3?

If you multiply Positive 6 by Negative 3, you get Positive 3. It is possible to express it as (+6) + (3) = (+3). The past two examples demonstrated that either removing balloons (subtracting a positive) or adding weights (adding a negative) will cause the basket to fall to its lowest point. As a result, both of these have the same effect:

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