What Is Scratch And Brown?

A three-coat stucco treatment using SPEC MIX® Scratch and Brown Preblended Stucco is comprised of a dry, preblended cement-based product that is intended to be utilized as the scratch and/or brown coat. This product can also be used as the first coat of a two-coat application for external stucco installations, as long as the second coat is applied first.

What is the difference between a scratch and a brown coat?

Characteristics: The brown coat surface is significantly smoother and more pleasing to the touch than the scratch coat surface, which is gritty to the touch but flatter and less inviting to the eye.

What is a brown coat?

  • The Brown Coat is a type of coat that is brown in color.
  • A scarifier (also known as a scratcher) tool was used to create the horizontal lines running through the surface, which gives the surface its rough appearance.
  • After the scratch coat is applied, the next coat (brown) may be put over it, and the roughness of the surface creates an excellent mechanical link, in addition to the chemical bond that is formed.

How long does it take for scratch and brown coat to cure?

Cure Time: The brown coat takes a much longer period of time to cure (28 days is recommended). Scratch and brown should be completely healed before applying the final coat. This will help to reduce cracking and provide the highest possible strength of the finished product.

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