What Is The Difference Between A 4 Ton And 5 Ton Air Conditioner?

The 5 ton furnace is powered by a 1 horsepower motor, while the 4 ton furnace is powered by a 3/4 horsepower motor. Even if you have a 4 ton furnace set up at 1600 cfm (which is equivalent to your A/C), it will not be operating at its maximum capacity. Inquire as to the specifics of the dealer’s explanation.

What is a 5 ton unit of air conditioning?

It features a 1 horsepower motor for the 5 ton furnace and a 3/4 horsepower motor for its smaller brother, the 4 ton furnace. If you have a 4 ton furnace set up at 1600 cfm (which is equivalent to your A/C), it will still not be operating at full capacity. Inquire as to the specifics of the dealer’s justifications.

How many BTUs does a 4 ton ac move?

A four-ton unit has the capacity to transport 48, 000 BTUs, and so on. As a result, the higher the tonnage rating of an air conditioning machine, the more air it can chill. A ton of air conditioning will be required for every 400 to 1,000 square feet of living space in most homes, depending on ceiling heights, windows, and airflow patterns.

What is the best tonnage for central AC unit?

The best central air conditioning units in terms of tonnage. 1 2.5 ton air conditioning unit, or 30,000 BTU. 2 3.5-ton air conditioning units, or 42,000 BTU. Cost of a 2.5 ton air conditioning unit and the area it covers. 4 Cost of a 3.5 ton air conditioning unit and the area it covers.

What is a a ton in HVAC?

A ton, in the context of the HVAC industry, is a measurement of how much heat an air conditioning unit can remove from a residence in one hour of operation. The British thermal unit is the unit of measurement for heat (BTU).

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Can you replace a 4 ton AC unit with a 5 ton?

When using a 4 ton interior coil and air handler or furnace, a 5 ton outdoor unit will not function properly. The freon will not properly decompose when it is heated.

What is the price difference between a 4 ton and 5 ton air conditioner?

AIR CONDITIONERS WITH 13 SEER It is possible to pay $400-$700 more for a 3.5-ton unit than for an equivalent 3-ton one. 4-ton equipment will normally cost $500 – $800 more than a comparable 3-ton machine, depending on the manufacturer. 5-ton units will cost $800 – $1,200 more than a comparable 3-ton machine, according to the manufacturer.

How many square feet will a 5 ton air conditioner?

3 Tons 1501 – 1800 sf 1651 – 2100 sf
3.5 Tons 1801 – 2100 sf 2101 – 2300 sf
4 Tons 2101 – 2400 sf 2301 – 2700 sf
5 Tons 2401 – 3000 sf 2701 – 3300 sf

Is there a 5 ton AC?

Infinity HVAC Design Solution | ID: 18656074033 is offering a Hitachi 5 Ton Ductable Air Conditioner for Rs 93000 /piece.

Can I use a 4 ton coil on a 5 ton condenser?

On a 5 ton condenser, you will see 4 ton coils as an AHRI match, which is correct. Generally speaking, though, this is not the ideal fit. Only if the system is properly sized should the customer experience improved dehumidification. First and foremost, I believe it would be beneficial to know if the Trane condenser and coil are compatible.

Are there 4.5 ton AC units?

On a 5 ton condenser, you will see 4 ton coils used as an AHRI match. In most cases, though, this is not the greatest pairing. Only if the unit is properly sized should the customer experience improved dehumidification. At the very least, knowing that the Trane condenser and coil are compatible would be beneficial.

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Is Carrier better than Trane?

  • In the event that repairs are required, Carrier is the finest brand to possess.
  • Trane: Trane components are more expensive in various places.
  • One source of contention appears to be that some supply businesses that sell wholesale to HVAC companies only offer Trane OEM components, rather than generic parts that are less expensive to purchase.
  • In summary, Trane air conditioning repairs may be more expensive.

How many tons is 1500 square feet?

DIY Calculations

Square Footage BTUs per hour AC Unit Tonnage
1,200 to 1,400 23,000 2 Tons
1,400 to 1,500 24,000 2 Tons
1,500 to 2,000 30,000 2.5 Tons
2,000 to 2,500 34,000 3 Ton

Can I replace a 3 ton AC with a 4 ton?

The right size is essential. Using a 3 ton is preferable to installing a 4 ton since it is more cost effective. Because of the unloading scroll mechanisms, the low stage isn’t significantly smaller than the full stage in terms of capacity.

What ton AC do I need for 2000 square feet?

Step 5: Compare the square footage of your home to an HVAC size chart.

Home Sq Footage Air Conditioner Size (tons)
600 – 1,000 square feet 1.5 tons
1,000 – 1,500 square feet 2 tons
1,500 – 2,000 square feet 3 tons
2,000 – 2,500 square feet 4 tons

What size AC unit do I need for a 2000 square foot house?

STEP 1: Calculate how many BTUs of heating and tons of air conditioning you will require.

House Square Footage BTUs Needed
1,200 – 1,400 23,000
1,400 – 1,500 24,000
1,500 – 2,000 30,000
2,000 – 2,500 34,000
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How much is a 5 ton AC?

On average, a 5 ton air conditioning unit will cost around $3,700, whereas a 3 ton air conditioning unit can cost as little as $2,900. When shopping for HVAC system components, it’s vital to realize that the price you spend may vary depending on where you purchase. One store may charge $3,700 for a 5 ton air conditioner, while another may charge only $3,200 for the same item.

How much does a 4 ton Carrier air conditioner cost?

Carrier Air Conditioning Unit Prices Listed by Size

Home Square Footage Carrier AC Unit Size AC Unit Cost
1300 to 1600 2.5 ton $1,930
1600 to 1900 3 ton $2,015
1900 to 2200 3.5 ton $2,235
2200 to 2600 4 ton $2,498

How much is a 5 ton?

Prices of average air conditioning units based on size or capacity

Central AC Unit Size AC & Coil AC & Coil Installed Cost
3 Tons, 36,000 btu $1,650 $2,990
3.5 Tons, 42,000 btu $1,780 $3,250
4 Tons, 48,000 btu $1,860 $3,350
5 Tons, 60,000 btu $1,920 $3,590

How much does a 5 ton Rheem AC unit cost?

What Size Air Conditioning Unit Do I Need?

Rheem AC Unit Size Home Sq. Ft. Installation Cost
3 ton 1600-1900 $3,850
3.5 ton 1900-2200 $4,145
4 ton 2200-2600 $4,420
5 ton 2600-3200 $4,875

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