What Number Is Benjamin Moore Hale Navy?

Hale Navy HC-154.

What is the color code for Benjamin Moore Hale Navy?

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy / HC-154 / #444c57 is a navy blue paint color.Color Code in Hexadecimal Fourth of July color #444c57 is a medium dark hue of cyan-blue in hexadecimal notation.According to the RGB color model, #444c57 is made up of 26.67 percent red, 298.8 percent green, and 34.12 percent blue pigments.

The hexadecimal color code #444c57 has a hue of 215° (degrees), a saturation of 12 percent, and a lightness of 30% when shown on a computer.

What is BM Hale Navy?

BM Hale Navy is a paint color that is a part of the Benjamin Moore Historical Series, which is a collection of paint colors that are inspired by some of America’s most famous historical sites. Because of its adaptability and durability, Hale Navy is one of the most popular navy hues on the market today.

Does Sherwin Williams sell Benjamin Moore Hale Navy paint?

You just walk to the Sherwin Williams counter and ask for the color Benjamin Moore Hale Navy, which is available in a variety of shades. They already have the code in their computer system that corresponds to the precise code. Home Depot has the Benjamin Moore Hale Navy Behr Equivalent, which is a less expensive alternative of Benjamin Moore Hale Navy.

Is Benjamin Moore navy blue a good color?

Because it works well in any lighting environment, even artificial light, it is unusual to see dark hues, particularly dark blues, used in this way. Sherwin Williams Naval, which was named their Hue of the Year for 2020, is the Benjamin Moore color comparable to this one. Is Hale a navy blue or a grayish color?

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What collection is hale Navy Benjamin Moore?

All ten of my Benjamin Moore grays and blue-green Perfect Colour Palettes are now available in my Benjamin Moore Grays and Blue-Green Collection, which includes Hale Navy and other Benjamin Moore grays and blue-greens. Our Perfect Color Palette collection is growing all the time. See them all in one place.

What is the color code for Hale Navy?

HC-154 Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore has the RGB values of 67, 76, and 86, and the HEX code of #434C56 is #434C56.

Is Hale Navy too gray?

Old Navy by Benjamin Moore and Gentleman’s Gray by Benjamin Moore are both gorgeous colors, but Hale Navy’s gray undertones make it a superior neutral navy and it looks fantastic with white marble. Nothing compares to Hale Navy kitchen cabinets, and you can rest confident that they will not be too bright or distracting.

Is Hale navy blue or GREY?

A true navy is one that is neither too brilliant nor too saturated, as is the case with primary or royal blue. It’s a simple navy color that doesn’t require any further embellishment. As a matter of fact, Benjamin Moore’s Historical Collection (as indicated by the ″HC″ in its number) includes Hale Navy HC-154.

What is the difference between Hale navy and Naval?

Using Hale Navy and Naval as comparisons, we can observe that Hale Navy has a higher LRV of 6.3, whereas Naval has a lower LRV of 4.The difference between the two hues is that Naval is significantly darker.Aside from that, Hale Navy has a considerably more gray undertone than Naval, which makes it a much more sophisticated color.

Between the two, I’d say Naval is more of a classic navy than Hale Navy, which is my personal preference.

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What is a lighter version of Hale navy?

Sherwin-Williams Indigo Batik is yet another beautiful navy blue paint color to experiment with! This color is similar to BM Van Deusen Blue in that it contains a significant amount of green, although it is far lighter than Hale Navy.

Is Hale Navy a Benjamin Moore color?

Hale Navy HC-154 is a Benjamin Moore paint color.

What color compliments Benjamin Moore Hale Navy?

As a result of its gray undertones, Hale Navy is a fantastic match for light to medium grays, particularly when they have a hint of warmth to them. Greiges and light blue-grays are also excellent color combinations, as are light greens and blue-grays. Here are a couple of my favorite paint colors to use with Hale Navy, in no particular order: Dove of Peace (OC-17)

Does Hale Navy look black?

Will it seem to be black? Hale Navy is a brilliant shade of blue that is unmistakably blue. In the event that you place it in a dark room, you should still be able to see the ‘color’ of it provided that you have SOME acceptable interior illumination.

Does Hale navy look purple?

First and foremost, Hale Navy does not have a bright or purple appearance. As opposed to that, it is gloomy and somber, leaning more towards the black and dark gray tones that it brings with it.

Is Hale navy too dark for kitchen cabinets?

Benjamin Moore is a paint color created by Benjamin Moore. HC-154 of the Hale Navy Hale Navy is a favorite with designers all across the country because it is deep and somber without losing sight of the beauty of the blue it represents. White and brass accents combine well with this strong navy, which looks fantastic on cabinetry.

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What color goes best with navy?

″When it comes to navy, there are several complementing color alternatives to pick from.″ Colors such as browns, reds, and oranges can be used to create a sense of contrast. Located exactly next to yellow on the color wheel, orange is a vibrant hue that pairs particularly well with navy because the brilliant tones of orange make the dark blue look even deeper in comparison.

Does gray owl go with Hale navy?

When it comes to creating a color palette around Gray Owl, here are some of my favorite color combinations to get you started: Gray Owl and Hale Navy are two of the most popular names in the world of fashion. This is a combo that I just adore. Because both of these hues belong to the cool paint color family, this combination works very well.

What gray paint goes with navy?

Choose a cool gray, particularly one with silver undertones, and pair it with navy blue for a stunning result! Classic Gray is a paint color from Behr Paints. If you like it and wish to utilize a different paint business, I’m confident that you will be able to locate one that is close enough to your home.

Does Swiss coffee go with Hale navy?

Some of my favorite colors that work well with Swiss Coffee are as follows: Admiral Hale has ordered a halt to naval operations. Turquoise for the holidays. The color SW Accessible Beige is a warm beige.

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