Where Is The Aids Walk?

In 2019, the subject of the event will be ″AIDS Has Met Its March,″ and participants are encouraged to continue the struggle to make AIDS history in their own communities. Roughly four miles in length, the walk starts and concludes at the steps of Los Angeles City Hall and takes approximately two hours to complete.

Will there be an AIDS Walk this year?

The Golden Gate Park event will take place on Sunday, July 17, 2022, following two years of mostly virtual festivities. This much-anticipated return to in-person festivities will be shown live on ABC7 KGO-TV in conjunction with a dynamic, live broadcast on KGO-TV.

When was the first AIDS Walk?

The AIDS Project Los Angeles staged the world’s first AIDS Walk fundraiser in 1985, with an aim of generating $100,000 for the organization. They exceeded their fundraising target by a large margin, generating more than $600,000 from thousands of walkers in the process.

Why do AIDS Walk?

We Walk to preserve the health and well-being of individuals who are most at risk of contracting HIV/AIDS and COVID, among other things. We Walk to demonstrate our opposition to racism, sexism, stigma, and poverty, which prevent people from having fair access to healthcare.

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