Who Was The Victim Of The Burmese Tiger Pit?

A Burmese Tiger Pit is a deep hole with sharp wooden stakes at the bottom, which is disguised with light brush to conceal the location of the pit. There must be enough depth in the hole for an animal or a human to be unable to climb out, and the pointed stakes must be pointing upward. Hover over the image for more details.

Who was the victim of the Burmese tiger pit in the most dangerous game?

The Burmese Tiger Pit is the name given to this area. In the expectation that Zaroff will fall into the pit and be impaled by the spikes, Rainsford constructs this trap. When Zaroff returns, he brings a dog, and the dog is caught in the trap, and Zaroff is captured again. Zaroff would almost definitely have died if it hadn’t been for the dog.

Who fell into the Burmese tiger pit?

Answer in a nutshell: One of General Zaroff’s most talented hunting dogs is killed when it falls into the Burmese tiger pit. mwestwood, M.A. (Michael A. Westwood) During a hunt, one of General Zaroff’s best hunting dogs is accidentally killed in the Burmese tiger pit that Rainsford has built.

Who did the Burmese tiger trap kill?

Having dug a hole in the quicksand, Rainsford next sharpens a few sticks and places them at the bottom of the pit to protect himself. he plugs the hole with leaves and twigs as he awaits the arrival of Zaroff Zaroff’s finest dog is killed by the trap.

Which character does Rainsford’s Burmese tiger pit claim?

Rainsford’s Burmese Tiger pit is credited with creating which character? It took the life of Lazarus, one of Zaroff’s most beloved pets.

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What is the Uganda knife trick?

A knife is attached to a sapling such that the point of the knife points in the direction of the approaching enemy. A trip line is constructed, and when the trip line is engaged, the knife rushes out and enters the victim. Ivan gets impaled by the knife in this particular instance.

What was Rainsford second trap?

The Burmese Tiger Pit is the second trap, and it was this one that claimed the life of Zaroff’s finest dog.

What tricks does Rainsford use to avoid capture?

  1. What is the strategy that Rainsford employs to evade capture? Name four of Rainsford’s tricks. Climbs a tree (Zaroff notices him but doesn’t intervene)
  2. Creates a Malay man-catcher trap (which causes Zaroff’s shoulder to be injured)
  3. Creates a Burmese tiger pit (in which Zaroff’s prize dog is captured)
  4. A gadget made of a knife attached to a bending tree is constructed, and it is used to murder Ivan.

What does Zaroff mean when he nods to Ivan?

What does Zaroff indicate when he nods to Ivan in the direction of the camera? He is offering Rainsford the option of joining his quest or being injured by Ivan, same as he does with his other victims.

How did Rainsford outsmart Zaroff?

Was Ivan’s nod to Zaroff a sign of his approval or rejection? The decision is being offered to Rainsford between joining his quest or being injured by Ivan, same as he does with his past victims.

Who is the first person to greet Rainsford?

General Zaroff’s servant, Ivan, is a fellow Cossack who lives with him on the island, and he is the third minor character (flat and static). When Rainsford knocks on Zaroff’s front door, he is the first person he sees and speaks with.

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What Target does Rainsford’s sapling trick hit?

He remembered a tribal technique he had learnt when living in Uganda. The aim of Rainsford’s sapling prank is not revealed.’ Ivan.

What happens to Zaroff at the end of the story?

General Zaroff perished at the conclusion of the narrative. Why does Zaroff express his delight in Rainsford’s ″Malay mancatcher″ despite his obvious disappointment? He congratulates him since Zaroff was just concerned with the hunt and was having a nice time while doing it. Fear is the catalyst for the development of the desire to live.

What does Rainsford’s repetition of the word nerve reveal about his character?

General Zaroff passed away at the conclusion of the narrative.. Why does Zaroff express his delight in Rainsford’s ″Malay mancatcher,″ despite the fact that he has been injured by the incident. For Zaroff, the hunt meant everything, and he was having a terrific time. He congratulates him on his success. The need to live is fueled by fear.

What is Rainsford first name?

Sanger Rainsford, the novel’s protagonist, is an ambitious big-game hunter who, during his few terrifying days on Ship-Trap Island, comes face to face with the nature of life and death for the first time in his life, forcing him to confront his own mortality.

What does Rainsford hear while reclining on his yacht?

After falling overboard, Rainsford hears an animal sound and a pistol fire, which he interprets as an attack. Rainsford is a skilled hunter with a lot of experience.

Does Rainsford kill the general in Burmese tiger?

Rainsford, having finished his Burmese tiger pit, stands behind a lightning-charred tree, watching as General Zaroff and his top hunting dog arrive at the pit to begin their hunt for tigers. Rainford is startled as he hears a piercing cry of agony and momentarily emerges from behind his hiding location to determine whether he has finally slain the general.

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What is a Burmese tiger trap?

A Burmese Tiger Pit is a traditional trap that has been used in both hunting and warfare for centuries. A sand pit is essentially a deep trench, frequently more than ten feet deep, that is lined with sharp spikes at the bottom and covered with some weak material, such as branches or a tarp that has been coated with soil. To view the complete response, please click here.

How does Rainford construct the Burmese tiger pit?

In order to create a Burmese tiger pit, Rainsford begins by excavating a deep hole and putting sharpened stakes at the bottom of the hole with their tips pointing up. When Rainford has finished, he covers the mouth of the hole with a rough carpet of weeds, branches, and leaves.

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