Who Wrote The Song 777 9311?


Single by The Time
Label Warner Bros.
Songwriter(s) Prince
Producer(s) Morris Day, Prince (as The Starr ★ Company)

Who played drums 777-9311?


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What Time Is It? album 777-9311 single The Time 1 It’s interesting to note that while the original beat was indeed programmed by David Garibaldi, the drums samples were not played by him, but a drummer named Art Wood.

Who plays the guitar solo on 777-9311?

Prince, as usual, played everything on ″777-9311,″ but he employed the same tactic he’d used on ″The Walk″ to make it look like a band effort: ordering Day to shout out Jellybean and bassist Terry Lewis as their respective instruments take a solo throughout their respective sections of the song.

Who wrote the Time’s first album?

Track listing

No. Title Writer(s)
1. ‘Get It Up’ Prince
2. ‘Girl’ Prince
3. ‘After Hi School’ Dez Dickerson

Did Prince play every instrument?

Prince is reported to have played every single instrument on his debut album For You, which was released when he was 20 years old and had 27 different instruments in all.

What happened to Jesse Johnson of The Time?

After months of speculation regarding Jesse Johnson’s resignation from The Time (also known as The Original 7ven), Jesse has now spoken out about the exact reason for his decision to leave the organization. It was reportedly due to a lack of touring to support their efforts, as well as the fact that they were not being compensated.

Did Prince write Morris Day?

‘Jungle Love,’ according to The Time (1984) In addition to writing several songs together, Morris Day of The Time and Prince also collaborated on the 1984 smash ‘Jungle Love,’ which was featured in Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’ film of the same year.The Time performed ‘Jungle Love’ as part of a tribute to Prince at the 2017 Grammy Awards, which also featured Bruno Mars.You may listen to the music by clicking here.

Why did Prince create The Time?

Prince wished for us to have our own sense of self, to be as self-contained as he was. A majority of his production work was done under the pseudonym of Jamie Starr, which he simply disguised. He desired for him to be a mysterious producing persona; this was all part of the mystique he was attempting to construct around him.

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What Time Is It album the time?

What Time Is It? is a studio album by the band the Time released in 1982. The album was recorded in Sunset Sound in the Minneapolis suburbs, as well as Prince’s own home studio. What Time Is It, Exactly? (album)

What Time Is It?
Released August 25, 1982
Recorded January – May/June 1982 (except for “The Walk” in July 1981)
Genre Funk, R&B, pop
Length 38:46

Who wrote The Time songs?

Time (Pink Floyd song)

Label Harvest
Composer(s) Roger Waters (single edit) Pink Floyd (album version)
Lyricist(s) Roger Waters
Producer(s) Pink Floyd

Was The Time in purple rain?

On the soundtrack of Prince’s Purple Rain film, this new lineup, which saw Jerry Hubbard take over for Rocky Harris, was showcased. A tsunami of popularity was produced by the movie and the hit singles ‘Jungle Love’ and ‘The Bird’, which propelled The Time to success.

Why did Prince write 777 9311 to the time?

Offering the number ″777-9311″ to The Time wasn’t simply a reminder of who was in charge, but it was also a demonstration of Prince’s confidence in the band. That, despite the fact that this song was difficult, they were able to make it their own.

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