Can You Skim Over Existing Plaster?

The majority of old plaster will merely require skimming. Instead of applying numerous heavy coats of plaster, skimming over existing plaster allows you to apply a few thin layers in a short period of time.

Apply your skim in a single thin (2mm-ish) application, if you can believe it. Sod doing two coats – this was a pure fabrication to allow plasterers to brag about their abilities; it has no practical purpose and is only an ego trip for plasterers. A single 2mm skim is applied to a dry-PVA’d wall in a matter of minutes.

Can you put two coats of PVA over plaster?

That’s alright; simply add PVA to the surface and go over it again. It is recommended that you apply two coats of PVA to guarantee that there is little suction and that the fresh plaster does not dry too rapidly after being applied. Participate by creating your own page!

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