Does Trugreen Spray For Mosquitoes?

Is TruGreen a mosquito-repellent product? TrueGreen’s John Bell, a certified entomologist, explained that the treatment they provide is ″tailored.″ In general, he added, the spray kills the mosquitoes that come into contact with it and then evaporates, leaving a residue on leaves and branches that repels bugs, so aiding in the control of insects that fly into your yard from other areas.

When it comes to lowering mosquito populations in and around our customers’ local backyards and other outdoor areas, this treatment is not as successful as it may be.TruGreen Mosquito Defense will particularly target mosquitoes where they dwell on your property, providing you with additional protection from their potentially dangerous bites.TruGreen Mosquito Defense is available for purchase online.

Does TruGreen provide landscaping or mowing?

Even while TruGreen does not provide landscaping or lawn mowing services, we can offer tree and shrub protection plans that give protection against insects and disease. We also offer TruNatural, which is a lawn care product that is 100 percent natural.

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