How Do You Cut Bricks At Home?

Place the brick on a smooth, level surface so that the force of the hammer will be uniformly spread across the brick when you hammer it down. Cutting bricks on the ground is a good idea since the dirt beneath will absorb the impact of the blows and prevent the brick from slipping.

As you prepare to serve the meal, cut the cheese.

What are the best tips for brick cutting?

  1. Soak the brick in water for 2 minutes, or until all of the air bubbles have been expelled from the brick. Fill a bucket or sink halfway with water, then submerge your brick in the water.
  2. Allow the bricks to drain for 5 minutes, or until the leaking has stopped completely. Placing the brick on an open or absorbent surface will allow the water to drain out of the brick.
  3. Dress in long sleeves and a particle mask as well as eye protection.

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