How Much Is A Yard Of Pebbles?

Calculator for Gravel Prices

Amount Average Cost
Per Bag $2 – $8
Per Ton $10 – $50
Per Yard $15 – $75
Per Square Foot (12′ Depth) $1 – $3

How many bags of pebbles do I need for a patio?

In a similar vein, the question of how many bags of stones do I require is raised.If you’ve decided that you’ll need to cover 10 cubic feet, all you have to do is multiply the project size by 100 pounds, which is the weight of 1 cubic foot, or two bags, of pea gravel, and you’ll get the number 1000.Divide this total by the 50 pounds that each bag weighs to get the total number of bags you’ll need to purchase.

What is the stone pebbles & gravel coverage calculator?

Coverage Calculator for Stone, Pebbles, and Gravel In order to determine the number of pebbles, stone, or gravel that will be required to cover a driveway, garden walks, or garden beds among other things, you may use this calculator. AboutContactLoginShopping CartMore Information

How much does a yard of landscape stone cost?

It is reasonable to anticipate to pay $20 to $100 per cubic yard of landscaping stone, or $0.75 to $4 per cubic foot, depending on the material you select. For a broad range of projects, including stone and gravel roads, patios and walkways, retaining walls, and other hardscapes, landscape rocks are an attractive and cost-effective option.

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