What Did Tj Do In Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry?

T.J. is taking an exam at school when he pulls out cheat notes, and Stacey notices him. However, when the teacher finds Stacey with the notes, he assumes they are his and sends him to his mother to be beaten. Stacey later confesses to the instructor that the notes were his.

What kind of person is TJ?

TJ is a ‘tall, emaciated-looking’ underprivileged adolescent between the ages of thirteen and fourteen. In addition to working for Harlan Granger, his family is a sharecropper as well. He and his younger brother Claude, along with the other Logan children, walk to school together.

How did TJ get Mama fired?

Granger has Mama dismissed from her teaching position because she believes she is far more intelligent than the person who produced the textbook, according to Granger. But in reality, she was dismissed as a result of the Wallace shop boycott, which she helped organize. This is a tremendous disappointment because teaching is so important to Mama’s identity.

What would TJ sell his life for?

T.J. is admiring a rifle with a pearl grip on the inside. He claims he would give his life for the weapon.

Who is TJ Avery in roll of thunder?

T.J. Avery is Stacey’s best friend and confidante. T.J. is a fourteen-year-old kid who is considered to be annoying by his peers. He speaks frequently, enjoys boasting, refuses to follow his parents, cheats on tests, and tells untruths.

Why did Stacey punch TJ?

Following that, Stacey is discovered with a cheat sheet, and despite the fact that he was simply attempting to prevent T. J. from cheating, he takes responsibility. His mother, who is also the instructor, whips him in front of the entire class. It is the most intense sort of shame imaginable.

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Is roll of thunder based on a true story?

Mildred Taylor’s novel Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry is a work of historical fiction about an African-American family living in rural Mississippi in 1933, during the height of the Great Depression. The story is set in the South during the Great Depression.

What is TJ’s punishment?

T.J. As a result of having Mama fired, what was T.J.’s punishment? Cassie smacked him in the face.

What did Jeremy give Stacey?

Jeremy approaches Stacey and blows a whistle at her.

Why do you suppose RW and Melvin are hanging out with TJ?

Why do R.W. and Melvin require T.J.’s assistance in this burglary? If something goes wrong, they will be able to pin the blame on him because he is small enough to fit through the window.

What happened when Uncle Hammer was crossing the bridge?

After passing the Wallace store, Uncle Hammer makes a lighthearted threat to set the business ablaze as they drive by. Another vehicle is attempting to cross the bridge at the time of this writing (the bridge is so narrow that only one car at a time can pass).

Why is Cassie unhappy about where Big Ma parked the wagon?

Cassie is dissatisfied with where Big Ma has parked since, according to Cassie, no one can see them from where they are parked, and people will not purchase if they cannot be seen. Due to the fact that the space in front is reserved for the white men’s wagon, Big Ma parked there.

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Why was Cassie mad at Big Ma?

Cassie is enraged at her mother, Big Ma. Because it was imposed upon her to express regret to Lillian Jean, and she taught her that it was unimportant. Examine the reasons why Uncle Hammer purchased an automobile similar to Mr. Granger’s.

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