What Does The Thoracodorsal Artery Supply?

It is largely responsible for providing blood flow to the latissimus dorsi muscle, although it also serves the serratus anterior muscle, the axillary skin, the subscapular and teres major muscles, and the axillary vein.

In the axillary area, the thoracodorsal artery is a distal branch of the subscapular artery that starts in the axilla. Inferomedially along the lateral edge of the scapula, then posteriorly, going deep to the latissimus dorsi muscle, it is the longest of the scapular muscles.

Does thoracodorsal artery supply the breast?

In addition to the axillary lymph nodes and serratus anterior, the lateral thoracic artery delivers blood to the pectoralis major, pectoralis minor, and subscapularis muscles. Additionally, it has the ability to increase blood flow to the breasts in females.

What does the thoracodorsal nerve innervate?

This nerve is a pure motor nerve that innervates the latissimus dorsi muscle, which is located in the upper back.

What nerve runs with the thoracodorsal artery?

In your back, the thoracodorsal nerve, also known as the middle subscapular nerve or the long subscapular nerve, is responsible for providing motor function to the latissimus dorsi muscle, which is a huge triangular muscle with a curved shape. One of the branches of the thoracodorsal nerve emerges from a portion of the brachial plexus. It is exclusively a motor nerve in nature.

What is thoracodorsal artery perforator flap?

Anterior thoracodorsal arterial perforator flap (TAP flap) is a fasciocutaneous flap that is created by perforating or perforating musculocutaneous perforators located along the thoracodorsal vascular axis and/or the vertical branch derivation of the vessel.

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What arteries supply breasts?

It is possible to obtain breast blood from three sources: In the lateral section of the breast, the axillary artery branches out to deliver blood to the area.The superior thoracic, thoracoacromial, lateral thoracic, and subscapular arteries are among the most important.The medial mammary arteries are a group of branches of the internal thoracic artery that give blood to the medial region of the breast.

What does superior thoracic artery supply?

In addition to providing blood flow to the pectoralis major and minor muscles, the subclavius and serratus anterior muscles are served by this artery as secondary functions. Additionally, it provides blood flow to the muscles and skin around the first two intercostal gaps.

What does the circumflex scapular artery supply?

This artery divides into various branches, including muscular, cutaneous, and articular. Their blood supply is essential for the proper functioning of three muscles (deltoid, teres minor, and triceps brachii), the glenohumeral joint, and two tiny cutaneous patches partially overlaying the scapula. The circumflex scapular artery has certain important characteristics.

Is the thoracodorsal nerve a spinal nerve?

This nerve gets input from the spinal nerves C6, C7, and C8 as well as other sources. In addition to its common names, the thoracodorsal nerve is also known as the middle subscapular nerve or the long subscapular nerve because of its length and the fact that it emerges between the superior and inferior subscapular nerves.

Is the thoracodorsal nerve a peripheral nerve?

The thoracodorsal nerve, also known as the middle subscapular nerve or the long subscapular nerve, is a nerve found in humans and other animals. It is responsible for the sensation of taste. It is responsible for supplying the latissimus dorsi muscle.

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Thoracodorsal nerve
Latissimus dorsi
From posterior cord (C6-C8)
Innervates Latissimus dorsi muscle

What does the ulnar nerve innervate?

The ulnar nerve supplies nerve impulses to the flexor muscles of the forearm, which include the flexor carpi ulnaris and the flexor digitorum profundus (deeper forearm muscles). Other intrinsic muscles of the hand are innervated by this neuron as well, including the palmaris shortus, the lumbricals, the hypothenar, and the interossei muscles.

What does the radial nerve innervate?

It is a kind of nerve found in the human body that serves the posterior region of one’s upper limb with sensory and motor functions. The triceps brachii muscle of the arm is innervated by this nerve, as are all 12 muscles in the posterior osteofascial compartment of the forearm, as well as the accompanying joints and skin overlaying the muscles of the forearm.

Which muscles arises from the thoracodorsal fascia and forms the posterior axillary fold?

The teres major muscle is located above the latissimus dorsi muscle.While the contiguous fibers of these two muscles are connected at their humeral attachments, they are divided by a bursa at their proximal attachments.The posterior axillary fold is formed by the latissimus dorsi and the teres major, which cross the space between the scapula and the proximal humerus and so create the posterior axillary fold.

What does the Suprascapular nerve innervate?

It is located above and superior to the latissimus dorsi, which is a muscle of the back. As they approach their humeral attachments, the adjacent fibers of these two muscles are joined but divided by a bursa. The latissimus dorsi and teres major combine to produce the posterior axillary fold, which spans the space between the scapula and proximal humerus.

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Where does the thoracodorsal nerve split off?

The thoracodorsal nerve arises from the posterior cord in your armpit and travels downhill, following the subscapular artery, until it reaches the latissimus dorsi muscle in your upper back and shoulders. The latissimus dorsi, sometimes known as the ″lats,″ is the biggest muscle in the upper body and is responsible for the majority of upper body strength.

What is the largest branch of the axillary artery?

The subscapular artery is the biggest branch of the axillary artery and is located below the clavicle. The subscapular artery derives from the medial surface of the third portion of the axillary artery. It is a branch of the axillary artery. It runs along the inferior border of the subscapularis muscle and separates into two branches, which are as follows: 1,2.

What does the circumflex scapular artery supply?

The circumflex scapular artery is the largest of the two terminal branches that arise from the scapular artery. Located on the rear surface of the scapula, it proceeds posteriorly, wraps around its lateral border, and exits on the posterior surface of the same. This branch provides blood supply to the teres major and subscapularis muscles, among other things.

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